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  1. Looks like he plays on the same team as one of our big men offers. Have to think it can’t hurt in trying to land either one of them.
  2. New 2020 offer. Interesting that it’s a small forward. Sounds like a good shooter though from what little I read.
  3. In what little I’ve read about jankovic he sounds like more like a stretch four type. We might be going after both and not a one or the other type thing.
  4. He was also here for billiken madness. Will play this season with Gibson jimmerson.
  5. you might be right..... Hopefully just precautionary
  6. I believe we offered him the second time shortly after he decomitted in August. Seems like an intriguing prospect.
  7. We have two more. Time to go after a big or two.
  8. Wow Goodwin must be really fooling us! This was his latest post today lol
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