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  1. SLU got another crystal ball prediction For Nesbitt
  2. Still thinks it’s a SLU lean but thinks the final three will be SLU, Memphis and Illinois. Said Illinois might have a chance to get back in it since Nesbit didn’t commit when all the buzz was around SLU last month.
  3. New video of Lorentsson just uploaded the other day. Apologies if someone already posted it and I missed it.
  4. I wouldn’t think so. Markhi Strickland has been super positive about SLU on twitter and Lorentsson just signed his letter of intent last week. That being said you never know.
  5. Billiken_roy unless I miss understood, coach was talking about Stockard from Kansas state not Phillip Russell.
  6. Thanks coach always appreciate the info. If nothing else it’s good to stay on the look out for guys just in case you have a surprise departure. Do you know where he stands academically? Could he graduate over the summer and be a graduate transfer? That is assuming the immediate transfer ruling doesn’t go through of course.
  7. Brandon Murray released his top 5 and removed us from consideration. I believe we offered a month or two ago.
  8. Weren’t we looking at him at one point? I don’t think we’d have interest now but worth notating.
  9. Looks like he plays on the same team as one of our big men offers. Have to think it can’t hurt in trying to land either one of them.
  10. New 2020 offer. Interesting that it’s a small forward. Sounds like a good shooter though from what little I read.
  11. In what little I’ve read about jankovic he sounds like more like a stretch four type. We might be going after both and not a one or the other type thing.
  12. He was also here for billiken madness. Will play this season with Gibson jimmerson.
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