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  1. My point wasn't to come off as negative. I personally think the draw to come home and try and surpass Hughes could be a huge factor since there are so many unknowns in CBB and successful seasons.
  2. Just because Tatum goes to a blue blood doesn't mean he will make the final four. Duke got bounced with Jabari and Wiggins didn't accomplish much at Kansas. This doesn't mean SLU is the best chance, but nothing is a guarantee and none of us know what his desires are until he announces.
  3. While mixtapes are not the best indicator of talent, he appears to be a fairly calm player with the ball in his hands and looks for his shot. While he appears very fluid and smooth on the court, I would not describe him as particularly quick. We will see when he gets here in the fall, but I think this is a good signing. He may not be the "pure point" that everyone seems to want, but he looks like a good addition to the core.
  4. If he doesn't end up going to the NBA, Fred Hoiberg would probably be on Kentucky's short list. Sean Miller would also be logical. I don't think they would go with a mid-major coach because none of them seem to have the profile Cal had when he was leaving Memphis.
  5. Having played against Kaminsky in high school, I can say a little about him. He was a good player but he was not the primary option on his team. He preferred to roam the perimeter instead of bang inside. Many people were surprised he ended up at Wisconsin because he was a very lanky player who didn't appear to have much upside. The player you are today at Wisconsin is nothing like what he was his senior year of HS.
  6. I know it isn't right to speculate on a specific kid transferring, but Jolly has an older sister who graduated here and now is a graduate aassistant in the women's tennis team. I have heard he loves it here so I don't see him going anywhere.
  7. Shoot for the sky and try and get Jaren Sina to lock down a point guard for 2016?
  8. The real question is does he follow it up with an Alexander-esque bust season?
  9. The guy that topped him, Jalen Brunson, is one of the most enjoyable players I have ever seen in Illinois. Next year at Villanova should be an absolute work of art. He is unbelievable.
  10. Looking at some of DR's other tweets, a transfer does not appear on the horizon. He has been to at least one of Tatum's games since the season ended for SLU. I highly doubt that he would be doing ambassador work for the program if he was abandoning ship.
  11. Last year I had the pleasure of getting to meet Archie when they played out in Maui. As a SLU fan it is difficult to admit, but the passion he has for his program is infectious and he will be a high-major coach soon. I'll be rooting for Dayton today mainly because of Archie, but also because the narrative of VCU in A10 tournaments is comical.
  12. Based on pre-game workouts it seems like Roby, Crawford, and Reggie could be primed for a good off-season. They always put in a little extra work before games and that may prove true in the summer too.
  13. One year of Tatum doesn't guarantee anything, but if Cook comes with he is not a one and done most likely. The big thing Tatum could bring is an ambassador for future high profile recruits from the St.Louis area. It sounds a little unrealistic but that can help tremendously. According to many of the Chicago radio personalities, that was a key aspect of Duke's pitch to Okafor. They could point to Jabari and say "we know how to handle this."
  14. When looking at the landscape of the A10, it is a league where experience matters. SLU this season was lacking in that department. I think people are quick to forget that many of the other teams have guys who have been through this before. Yes, people will say that they aren't freshman anymore, but I don't buy that. We were not physically able to match up with some teams because an improvement is needed in body development. That, plus the lack of chemistry that an experienced team provides, really made for some poor games. Crews is not to blame for the fact that we simply had a stacked deck against us. We are not Duke, Kentucky, or Kansas. There are no 5 stars walking in our door every year (except for FBJT) so it is important to have some perspective. The kids will be fine and I personally am looking forward to seeing them develop into a quality team. Remeber, sometimes before things get better, they have to get worse. That is what this stretch of games seems to be. It should light a fire going into the off-season if the guys can stick together, which I believe they will.
  15. Glaze putting an RKO on Crews would be some quality television.
  16. Steel cage match between GG and JM would be an incredible send off for the seniors.
  17. As a current student who goes to every home game, it is disheartening but true that this is the case. There is a general attitude of disinterest from upperclassmen because we are rebuilding and freshmen don't care either because they don't want to "waste their time". It is unfortunate that it is this way.
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