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  1. As much as I love my alma mater, there isn’t really a reason for our three seniors to stay after this year. If their goal is to play pro basketball, staying an extra season only makes them a year older in the eyes of pro scouts. Additionally, I’m not really sure how much more development Jordan and Hasahn can undergo at the college level. At some point, they will move on. Maybe Perkins considers it considering he didn’t develop in a D1 environment for 4 years, but I’m not anticipating that.
  2. Okoro is taking the standard redshirt that all transfers used to take, like Javon Bess did. It benefits the program far more for him to get his body right this season and then contribute over the next two years. Rushing him to play shouldn’t be on the table.
  3. Not worried at all about Travis putting together a good class. Nesbitt would be huge, but there is still a ton of talent that would fit the roster and add to the core going forward. In Travis we trust.
  4. 6 days to go. Hoping for the Billikens to be the pick, but prepared for either way. “If you aren’t with us, you’re against us.”
  5. Unless I missed something, 247 has had SLU at 100% since August.
  6. Don’t celebrate just yet. Travis and Co. still have to fully close this deal over the next two weeks. (I’m very excited just don’t want to let my guard down)
  7. Going to maintain the faith. Putting stock in message board rumors doesn’t usually end well. Until the crystal balls start to change or he commits, we can only assume SLU is in the conversation, and that the staff is working hard to close the deal.
  8. It isn’t just Illinois that accuses SLU of it. Multiple UMass, K-State, and Miz fans have accused Ford of it on twitter in the last year. I find the notion funny that opposing fan bases can’t comprehend the appeal that SLU has.
  9. Seeing our Billikens feature in that video was a nice treat on a Tuesday afternoon. Also, I forgot how dominant Kansas’ bigs were in the Maui championship game. They had their way with Obi.
  10. No. The staff has done an exemplary job of building relationships in the area and still has a local heavy roster. For this class, the needs they were looking to fill happened to be from the national and international space. Would not put stock in that at all.
  11. SLU got a really good shooter as a walk on. Local kids absolutely begging to play for Travis Ford. Only the beginning of things to come. Could not be more excited!
  12. Not exactly a great place to put this on the board currently, but the university announced some Measures that are being taken for the fall semester.
  13. Please keep in mind, UMass has made one (1) NCAA Tournament this century. This is the new A10 superpower though according to segments of A10 twitter though.
  14. I really hope it works out for CAG. Despite the winding road he has taken, he’s still a supremely talented player that can make a nice career in the game.
  15. Looks like Zeke Moore is done with college hoops.
  16. I have no inside knowledge of FBLHJ’s recruitment, but I guarantee that Ford is going to have to sell him on his fit in the program for him to commit. Thinking otherwise is foolishly optimistic. The family ties are great, don’t get me wrong, but taking things for granted are how local guys go elsewhere. We saw it with Tatum, and I hope we don’t see it again. Hughes would be a tremendous building block, and would be a tremendous complement to the projected roster his Freshman year.
  17. Some interesting news, pending NBAPA approval. Players who previously entered NBA draft process but withdrew names will have chance to re-enter name. New deadline reportedly will be August 3rd to decide on school return. Not sure if it will affect A10 guys at all.
  18. That might be the case from points scored, but he shot 33% from the field and 16% from 3 in those 4 games. Small sample size, but over his two years, DJ appears to be the bigger offensive threat. And once again, as I do often in this debate, I will say I like Thatch and think he’s a big part of the program moving forward.
  19. That’s objectively false. Kick % following timeout ice situations are lower than standard FG attempts. edit: forgot the link. https://www.sharpfootballanalysis.com/analysis/icing-the-kicker-does-it-really-work/
  20. I’m a bit confused what people are seeing in this Jacobs vs. Thatch debate. We haven’t seen much out of Fred offensively. Jacobs, while streaky, is a good shooter and ball handler while also being no slouch defensively. I love Thatch, but Jacobs brings a ton to the table and will be a massive x-factor next season.
  21. It’s pretty simple. The companies that design and administer these tests exist to make a profit. It is advantageous to the companies, not modern universities, for the current system to go on. There are many ways to determine the quality of incoming students in today’s world, and any school with admissions based on a standardized test number alone isn’t doing their job.
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