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  1. Vince Williams deserves an Oscar. I mean, he did get fouled, but come on. He's given Oscar-worthy performances almost every game, going back to high school, and the refs bite every time. Pretty much all the fouls are deserved when viewed on replay, but that kid SELLS them. If there was a national All-Glue team, he'd be a starter.
  2. Welp it looks like you got beat by one guard.
  3. Y'all don't know what respect means. You're the worst fans in the A10.
  4. @mrjoelabs calling out all the ignorance on here is much needed. Somebody has to do it. Now talk about the game, or just shut up. The crap you people post makes you look like you went to Boone County Community College.
  5. This is what I posted on our board in the thread about our strategy during Bones's absence: I'd start Ace, Jamir, Vince, Levi, Corey. Try to run a balanced offense, and value the ball more than any other game all season. I'd love scoring from all 5 starters, with Ace dishing out assists and drawing some fouls. Run a lot of pick and pop with Levi, helping to draw French out, then make them pay with backdoor cuts with some assists by Levi. Try to draw fouls from French, and foul him when he has the ball. Run a few set plays for Vince and Jamir to get them some open 3s. Bring Key/Josh Banks/
  6. I came here a few weeks ago, posting straight facts about your team, and got blasted as a troll and personally. Now maybe some will see that I was right. I'm not a troll. I can take off my VCU shades and be objective about other teams. Here are some things I said before: If we [VCU] play them, and shut down Goodwin like we did Crutcher, we will feast. I hate pressing and trapping URI, but I still think it's a good thing to do against SLU, until they show they can consistently beat it. Also, COVID can have lingering side effects, so keep an eye on that with your players, especially if
  7. Nope. VCU has gone through the same thing. They know you will be fired up and come out looking for blood.
  8. So is this really your best team ever? They might come out shooting like Gonzaga against VCU, but it looks like Dayton answered that question. ✌
  9. Hey trashy mods (if there even are mods), just delete my damn account. NOW. This board is nothing but dumb and ignorant bullies with no home training or self respect. Even the UR board is less trashy. This is not how you should represent a university. I'm glad your players are more mature. Thanks.
  10. Since I'm one of the few in this thread who actually talks about basketball, there are only a few smart folks here. The rest of you need to go hang out in nature, maybe you'll realize the world isn't really as evil as it has made y'all act on here. Billiken Rich says the crap he/she said as if it's normal, but yeah, I'm the problem here. Trashy savages.
  11. You wouldn't know smart if it punched you in the face.
  12. @Taj79nice to confirm you're another a$$hole.
  13. @Taj79funny, that's what it seemed like when y'all played Dayton.
  14. Too bad, we have Bones and he always scores. Looking forward to 2/23. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLPq9aqFqKZ/?igshid=ap3w1k299rr0
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