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  1. Probably harder to coach guys you didn't recruit than guys you did recruit. Majerus started the process but to get these young men to continue down the road to success takes a true leader. Also backing off a little and allowing them to teach him their system takes a special person. Jim Crews will be successful at SLU. No doubt in my mind. Majerus was a legend and recruited these guys but Crews led them the last 2 years and did an unbelievable job. Those are the facts.
  2. It is a shame that he matured a couple years late. This type of maturity level would have gotten him drafted and SLU a pretty deep run in the tourney a year or 2 ago. It seems he has been working hard.
  3. They can do it. Play defense and they will be in every game with a shot to win.
  4. Not ideal but I think WSU handles Kentucky. Teams beat individuals most of the time.
  5. Just like Oregon as a 12 last year. Louisville might be the best team in the country with Florida right now. Oh well lace up boys and play like there is no tomorrow. Because there isnt
  6. Yep no dodging them here. Maybe we will get Mizzou. Oh wait a minute.......Mizzou is probably in the NIT or CBI this year. Damn it the luck!!!!
  7. RM would have burned every timeout he had in the first 3 minutes of the second half. Much love to RM. He would have also had someones butt for the center going 94 feet for a layup at the end of the 1st half.
  8. Could not agree more. +100000. As I said in another thread, this team was built to defend. We seem to think that once we cracked the top 10 and maybe earlier that we are going to outscore people. Not going to happen. We let the Bonnie shoot over 50% on us today. That is unacceptable and ridiculous. No desire on the defensive end for quite some time now. Leaking oil is squarely related to our lack of desire to defend. They defend they win. That simple.
  9. Corner3


    This makes no difference. This team was built to defend. Our seniors have lost focus and think they are going to outscore people. Not going to happen. It is inexcusable to give up 71 points to St. Bonaventure and allow lay up after layup. JC cannot be blamed for their lack of desire to guard. We have been leaking oil for a while and it all comes down to our desire on the defensive end. The Bonnie shot over 50% today. That is ridiculous. We thought we could just outscore them. Just like the other losses in this streak. We actually defended at UMass and what happened?
  10. I thought manning played well today. I also thought Tanner played very well. Mike McCall was fantastic. We played poorly as a whole and I NEVER blame officiating for a loss but if it is a foul in the first minute of the game it is a foul in the last minute of the game. As poorly as we played as a whole, if Jordair goes to the line there we win the game.
  11. Bench warming in street cloths or not, I would think he would get a ring if (big IF) the Grizzlies won the western conference even.
  12. I don't know enough about the nba or their practices but this doesn't make much sense to me either unless they have a plan for his development and think he has what it takes to be a contributor. The timing is quite puzzling to me. Even more puzzling is that he didn't even dress for the game.
  13. Transactions list for Grizzlies on ESPN says Willie was signed to multi-year contract http://espn.go.com/nba/team/transactions/_/name/mem/memphis-grizzlies
  14. Well if Giannini carries the Dr tag around then maybe he should show a little more class when others are present. My 10 month old was in the baby race Saturday and we were waiting in the tunnel to enter the Arena when the half ended. LaSalle came off the court past us and everyone ran past us pretty quietly except Giannini. He was yelling from the time he hit the tunnel with every other word being the F Bomb. Ok for the locker room, but there were at least 6 children not counting the babies seeing and hearing this whole classless scene. My 3 and 5 year olds both asked me why that man was yelling f#### at those boys. The guy doesn't impress me much either taj. Not as a coach or an individual. We were right in front of him and his tirade could have waited 1 minute until they reached the locker room.
  15. Sorry sir but that is not correct. DE IS A BEAST!!! No man does what he did today.
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