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  1. I was fans of those types of players as well. I just don't know that I agree that we don't see good big men anymore. Those guys just play a little bit different style. The best example is Giannis. He is maybe the most dominant player in the game today, and he is 6'11". Embid is 7'0". Durant is 6'10". Jokic is 6'11". If Olajuwon, Malone, and McHale could shoot like these guys do, they would have done the same thing.
  2. This was raised in another topic, but seems better discussed here. Is SLU positioned better than other A-10 schools for the new NIL driven recruiting world? I think so. Here is why? SLU is the only nationally competitive program in St. Louis. I know we have SIU-E and now Lindenwood, but I don't think those programs will compete with us for NIL dollars. St. Louis is a top 25 city population wise with a ton of businesses, big and small, to help in the NIL effort. There are a lot of alumni in town that own businesses that could help. We also don't have an NBA team. So, basketball fans that want a high level product in town only have SLU to back. Let's compare to other schools. VCU and Richmond have to compete with each other for limited dollars in a city of about 230,000. Bonaventure is in Olean, enough said. St. Joe and LaSalle are competing with each other and Villanova and Temple for Philadelphia dollars. Mason and GW compete with Georgetown and other schools within a certain radius for attention in DC. Duquesne has Pitt to contend with. Rhode Island has Providence. UMass is outside of Boston by about 90 minutes and has BC to compete with. Fordam has St. John's and, to a lesser extent several of the smaller schools in the NYC area. Davidson is in Charlotte has to compete with UNC Charlotte and, more likely, Duke and UNC. The two schools possibly best positioned to do well for themselves for NIL dollars, in my opinion, are Dayton and Loyola. Dayton has an avid fan base and is the only game in town, although the population in Dayton is only about 150,000. I just think that their fan base will come up with something for them on a civic pride basis. Loyola competes with DePaul and Northwestern in Chicago, but Chicago is so big and has so much money that I think they may do well for NIL money. This is especially true when you consider that Loyola has been Chicago's most successful program over the past 10 years. Also, Chicago is so spread out geographically, that Loyola may still get local consideration from businesses that just aren't close enough to Northwestern. With regard to the NBA side of the discussion, Chicago, Philadelphia, DC, New York, Boston, and Charlotte all of NBA teams, where St. Louis does not. I know that the greater concern is big conference teams dominating conferences like the A-10 as far as accumulating NIL money to distribute. I'm just saying that we might be the best positioned team in the A-10.
  3. The level of talent for shooting has never been higher. Those that complained in the 80's and 90's that basketball was all just dunks weren't accurate then, but they'd be way wrong now. Things have moved closer to the game that was played in the 50's and 60's but with more skill, more speed, and, as a result, pressure to play a much higher level of defense.
  4. Courtside, how are we doing with recruiting Generation Adidas players? I know that the guys we just lost to the draft were all GA guys. Seems like getting that caliber of player is the key to success in college soccer.
  5. Most people have to get accepted straight from high school. I am sure that if this kid is a quality student, the administration, the Athletic Department, and the PT school can come to some sort of agreement.
  6. If you are a coach that is recruiting in the transfer portal and you get a commitment from a kid, wouldn't it be in your best interest to ask the kid to hold off on the announcement until the deadline to enter the portal? The reason for doing this would be to avoid scaring one of your current player into the portal if he suddenly becomes worried about playing time due to the new transfer coming in. I know it doesn't sound like the most ethical thing, but I don't know what about college basketball is ethical anymore.
  7. I think that you and I agree. What you were saying is true for many players. I was just pointing out that it’s not true for many other players.
  8. I agree with what you said as it relates to some players. However, I don't think you should downgrade the education that others receive. For instance, I am rather sure that Fred Thatch has gotten and is getting a quality education at SLU. When I was in school in the 90's much of the basketball team was in the Business School. I was in classes with Claggett, Highmark, and Waldman. The current system allows for players to skate by if that is what they choose, but it also still leaves the door open for a player to get a very good education as well.
  9. Not sure we’re going to get a “quality starter” with the remaining scholarships. Also, don’t think we need a starter to be dancing. Perkins returning, Pickett transferring over, and Parker from Juco, in addition to what we had will be good enough.
  10. I wondered if this would happen. I questioned whether or not this board would look back on this and think that we were reacting like baseball fans to Curt Flood’s holdout. It’s possible that Yuri is just opening the floodgates here at SLU with regard to NIL. Maybe he was sending a message to the folks here that SLU needs to move a little quicker.
  11. No comment, just like this thread and want to keep it near the top.
  12. If you consider DeAndre Jones a scorer, then I would point you to the video from the NIT game.
  13. Wonder why this kid is transferring. His father and his uncle both played for Delaware. Looks like he would come in as just a sophomore.
  14. Do we need a score first point guard or a pass first point guard? I think that Pinson would fall into the first category. With the scoring potential we have in the rest of our roster, I think we want a passer.
  15. If the word he gets from the NBA is that you need to show more to be drafted, what better spot would there be to do that than stepping into the point guard position of a guy that lead the nation in assists on a team that has even more fire power returning?
  16. I also want to see Gus Phelps's head spin when both us and Dayton have a Malachi Smith on the roster.
  17. Does that mean he would have to sit? What if he has graduated? Could he be immediately eligible as a grad transfer?
  18. I understand where you are coming from, but there is a big difference, in my opinion in what is ethical and what is not depending on context. A doctor's code of ethics, or the ethics involved in handling charitable donations, or ethics required of an attorney in litigation, can be very different than the ethical standards of the already crooked system that is college basketball. The NCAA, the universities, the coaches, the folks that wanted players to be paid, the players, and the boosters have created a system that is inherently unethical. If programs like North Carolina with its sham classes and Kansas with its Nike scandals go unpunished for their unethical decisions, I'm not sure there are ethics in this game. A system has been put in place where everyone understands these are the things that you need to do to be successful and no one is enforcing the rules that they claim are supposed to be maintaining ethical standards. If that is the case, then doing what everyone else is doing, even if it violates the rules, is no less ethical than speeding on the highway. Let's put it this way, if I were a coach who contacted a kid who was not in the portal about switching to my school, and then the next day I went to confession, I don't think that I would feel the need to mention that to the priest.
  19. What is the story with Malachi Smith from Chattanooga? He is a point guard with tournament experience that is from Belleville. Am I missing something with him? Is he not in the portal? If he is, why are we not interested?
  20. Isn't the top PG available in the portal another kid from K-State? Let's just sign all three and be done.
  21. I just meant that in the hierarchy of college basketball, I would suspect that the power conference schools will get the most NIL dollars. Then the high major conferences would get less. Then mid major. I would suspect that smaller conferences like the Big South would get the least if not none. To answer your question, Hampton is in a different situation than many of the 354 programs in that it is in the Big South and not a Power 5 conference or high major conference. Coach 314 said that he "would" be able to get an NIL deal there. He may have meant that Nesbitt is not prevented from getting an NIL deal or that it is allowed there. I took it that he "would" be able to get an NIL deal as meaning it was likely.
  22. I'm glad to hear that. By this I mean that I am glad that HBCU schools can get that sort of support. I am not, in general, a fan of the system that allows it, though.
  23. To be clear, I contacted the Athletic Department inquiring about NIL deals with players. If I am remembering correctly, this would have been some time during the season, but I will add that it has been several months. My basic question at the time was whether or not SLU had any rules relating to NIL and whether or not they could put me in touch with players. As far as my question about the rules, I did not want to start contacting players and cause an issue that could land the program in hot water. I also wanted to confirm whether or not there could be an issue if another business in my industry already had a sponsorship deal with the ADept. Often sponsorship deals will include an exclusivity clause that states that a particular business will be the only - fill in the blank - that can sponsor the program. I realize that sponsoring the ADept and sponsoring a player in an NIL deal are two very different things, but I did not want to be the cause of any problem for the university. I would not say that I was ignored, but it was difficult to get a response out of them at first. There was a lot of phone tag. In the end, I was told that the University and the Athletic Department did not have any rules in place about NIL and could not intervene directly as far as putting me in contact with players. That was the end of the communication. Now that I have read the rules that they have come up with, I believe that the position they took at the time was in line with the rules they just published. They will not intervene or act as any sort of intermediary between players and potential NIL sponsors. I believe that there are probably very valid reasons behind this. I also understand the delay that may have occurred in getting back to me since the rules were probably being worked on during the same time that my phone calls were placed. At the time, my business was just spitballing about this idea. When I explained to my partners that there were not any rules in place for this sort of thing, the initial interest tapered off. We did not want to enter into a deal where the parameters were somewhat unknown and we did not know who we might be causing problems for. Now that there are rules in place, we will have to decide if we are interested again. I would be, but I am not the only person who is a decision maker at my business.
  24. What you posted is just the guidelines. Every school has to do that. This doesn't mean that he will get any deal which is governed by those guidelines while at Hampton. Do you have any reason to believe that he is going to get NIL deals while playing at Hampton?
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