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  1. I agree with what 3 Star is saying, but Parker possibly being another Perkins and Perkins possibly being 80% to 100% gives me more hope than just one of those possibilities that we can persevere in the early schedule. That being said, I readily admit that Perkins struggled in non-con his first year. So, not sure we can pencil Parker in just yet.
  2. Wow. SIU-E comes in at #134. Did I miss that they have something going this year?
  3. I don't think that you are understanding what I am saying. I am not suggesting using two games worth of data. If we want to use 14 years worth of data, that's fine. I'm saying that we should not be comparing what one team does against another team at home and on the road. How well another team plays at their own arena should not go into the equation when you are determining how good another team is at their home arena I'm suggesting looking at other teams that play a particular team, like SLU, and see what they do in their other road games compared to the games they play at SLU. So, take every team that plays at SLU in a season. Look at what they did at Chaifetz and compare that to what they did on the road everywhere else. Let's say a particular team averaged a +6 point differential in all games, averaged a +3 point differential on road, and lost to SLU by 7 (-7 at Chaifetz). For that team, and that team alone, Chaifetz was a -10 point difference compared to their normal road game. Now, do that for ever team that comes to Chaifetz the whole season. Then do it over 10 or 15 years. Then compare what you see to similar numbers for other teams. Doing this will give you a better look at how tough a team is to play in their home arena than if you use data that includes the opponent's home games. That's all I'm saying.
  4. My earliest Billiken memories are sitting with my Dad at Keil Auditorium watching Bonner, Gray, and Douglas play in the NIT.
  5. But that's my issue. If you look at what you do at home compared to what you do on the road vs. the same team, then how bad a team is on the road or at home skews the numbers. If you destroy at team by 30 at on the road, because they are, for whatever reason, terrible at home, and then you beat the same team on your home court by 15, that shouldn't translate into the idea that you are not as good of a home team. I think that, instead, evaluators should look at what teams normally do on the road compared to how they did on the road when they came to your place. Seems more like comparing apples to apples to do it that way.
  6. I wonder if Kenpom uses results from similar teams playing in different arenas. For instance, how does VCU do on the road against SLU compared to on the road versus Dayton, Richmond, St. Bonaventure, or Rhode Island. If you use conference info, I would think that you can compare a teams road performances in several similar places over the years and develop a ranking that way. What do you think?
  7. Exactly. Whoever is being guarded by the weakest defender gets the ball and does their thing.
  8. If you are on the ground for more than 15 seconds, you should have to sit on the sideline for 3 minutes plus the time it took you to get off the field to allow you time to "recover from your injuries."
  9. They should just call them the George Washingtons and keep the mascot costume.
  10. I think what many of us would prefer is to bring in a guy for one year that has PG experience, but let Thames be the first option as the backup PG. Then, if Thames struggles to transition to the college game immediately, which freshmen often do, we have a back up plan.
  11. And for those that do not consider that "running an offense," coaches have, for decades, run the play where you clear everyone out and let your best player beat his man, because you know he can.
  12. On the same note, if Bruce Weber is comfortable with calling it a career as a head coach, but still wants to be on a staff in a role like Giacoletti had, he would be my choice. I think he brings experience and the ability to recruit St. Louis. I know we already do well in St. Louis, but more sway in the area never hurts.
  13. I do not necessarily disagree with any of your points. Just because you played for Majerus doesn't mean you know how to coach like Majerus, but being in a Majerus system and experiencing how he went about winning, in my mind, gives you a slight leg up if you later decide to coach. Having been the guy who did the "Conklin Summer" doesn't mean you know how to show a player how to do it or motivate the player to do it, but he would have credibility when talking about how it changed him over some other coach trying to motivate a player to do the same thing. Playing in Australia doesn't mean you would be able to recruit Australia, but he would have an advantage over other ACs that do not know the basketball landscape in Australia and did not live there for many years. If Ford doesn't care about the age or coaching experience of the next guy he brings in, and he doesn't seem to have cared all that much about experience when hiring Stuen and Forte, then I like the idea of Conklin. If he prefers an older much more experienced coach that can be responsible for the X's and O's, then I would go a different route.
  14. All of this is speculation on top of speculation, but since we're already down the rabbit hole, I think that, under that scenario, Coach Ford would tell Perkins that Yuri is our PG, but that Perkins will get time handling the ball at the point when Yuri is resting.
  15. I would be perfectly fine with Conklin. Here are my reasons: 1. The guys who played under Majerus were so well versed in the intricacies of the game that they were, basically, able to coach themselves for a year and a half. I think he learned Xs and Os very well during his time here. 2. What he didn't learn under Majerus, I think he has picked up over his long international career playing for several programs. The diversity of systems he saw in his playing days works in favor of his being able to translate his vision as a coach. 3. He could coach our bigs. 4. He could teach the Conklin Summer. Letting our guys know what it takes to make the leap to the next level is valuable information to pass along. 5. He could recruit Australia and New Zealand with some serious credibility. How many teams can say they have an assistant coach who played extensively in Australia? He can sell kids on knowing the subtle differences between the way the game is played in Australia and how it it is played on the college level in the US.
  16. According to an article from The Washington Post published on New Year's Day 2019, NBA assistant coach salaries range from $100,000 to over $1 million depending on coaching experience.May 2, 2022
  17. It seems like every player who goes through the NBA evaluation process, who is not a big, is told that they will improve their stock with NBA teams by having PG experience. This may not be limited to college players going through the NBA evaluation process, as recruits also seem to want to know if they will be allowed to play PG and seem to want to push for a coach promising him time at the PG position. I wonder if one of the conditions that Perkins gave Coach Ford for coming back was that he wanted time at PG.
  18. That is correct. The NCAA had started its own championship several years earlier. In the early years of the NCAA championship, the good teams all still went to the NIT, because it was the known commodity and it was a big deal to go to NYC at the end of the season for the NIT tournament. By 1948, things were in sort of a gray area. Within a year or two after 1948, the NCAA tournament was clearly exhibiting the best competition. In 1948, SLU won the NIT and Kentucky won the NCAA tournament. Teams in the 8 team NCAA tournament were Kentucky, Columbia, Holy Cross, Michigan, Kansas State, Wyoming, Baylor, and Washington. Teams in the 8 team NIT tournament were SLU, NC State, DePaul, Texas, NYU, Bowling Green, LaSalle and Western Kentucky State. The best argument we have regarding why SLU won the national championship in 1948 has to do with how the teams were ranked the following season. I realize that teams the following year were different, but looking at the rankings shows the strength of the fields the two teams played. Also, I should note that the AP NCAA basketball poll taken at the beginning of the 48-49 season was the first ever AP ranking. In that first ever AP basketball ranking, SLU was #1 and Kentucky was #2. That is interesting in and of itself, but looking further down the list provides more. Western Kentucky State (48 NIT team) was #3. Holy Cross (48 NCAA team) was #14. Bowling Green (48 NIT team) was #15, and NYU (48 NIT team) was #20. There were only 20 spots in that first poll. So, of the 20 teams ranked in the 1st ever AP poll, four had gone to the NIT the year before and two had competed in the NCAA tournament. One final note, that I think seals the argument. By the end of the 1948-49 season, Kentucky was ranked #1 in the AP. SLU was ranked #3. Guess where Kentucky went that year? After finishing #1 in the AP poll, Kentucky participated in both the NCAA and NIT tournaments. They won the NCAA tournament and, still to this day, claim that they had back to back national championships. However, they lost in their first game in the NIT that year to Loyola Chicago. I think its crazy to claim you won the national championship in a year where you lost in the 1st round of the NIT. I know why they claim it as a championship. I just don't think it is legitimate. I think it also helps prove which tournament was stronger at the time. Moral of the story: SLU was the national champion in 1948.
  19. I said this a little while back, but I think the passing of Ford Stuen caused Travis to reevaluate how he wants to do things going forward. I think we are going to see him pass on guys that he thinks won't be a good team fit even if they are highly recruited. I am not making any comment about Ramey or Smith when I say this. I just think that Travis will prioritize being a good teammate and fitting a system over star rankings in the future. If this is true, we will have to give him a pass if we hear that he didn't go after someone very hard.
  20. Even better, add that one west of Pittsburgh team as Taj suggests to get to 16 teams. Then divide into four divisions. Div. 1 - UMass, Rhodey, Fordam, and Bonnies Div. 2 - LaSalle, St. Joe, GW, and GMason Div. 3 - Davidson, VCU, Richmond, and Duquesne Div. 4 - SLU, Dayton, Loyola, and team to be added If we play 18 games that means we can play every non-division team once (12 games) and every division team twice (6 games). It's perfect. Also, Division 3 and Division 4 above are already stacked with the teams more likely to be more highly ranked.
  21. I find it interesting that the least global of our major sports (NFL) is the one viewed as the most popular. Seems like it the lack of international interest should be hurting the NFL, buy maybe they don't need it.
  22. Just going to Loyola is not all that's needed. It also can't be on a weekday. I've had that issue before when planning a roadtrip.
  23. That's it. I couldn't remember the name of it. The Coca Cola Shootout.
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