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  1. This game isn't over. It will be interesting if we come out and make some adjustments. I think the one positive is we are scoring points.
  2. Derision is all anyone gets when anyone types anything @Taj79 even slightly disagrees with.
  3. Who are you to be giving all these kids "end of the season report cards"? Why do you think your word is law on this message board? Get over yourself, man.
  4. Does this really need a new thread? Wasn't this being discussed in the Sophomore Slump thread?
  5. This was such a winnable game. Ford is a great recruiter, but man is he bad in game situations.
  6. Nope. Saint Louis University will ALWAYS come up short in everything they do. Going to SLU was the worst decision of my life.
  7. Yes! The framed jerseys looked like practice jerseys. Considering our current jerseys say SLU on the back, I thought that was weird too. Don't worry our $1.23 billion endowment is still intact.
  8. I literally gave half of my monthly wages to a student loan company for the first couple of years after I graduated. Chaifetz is an outlier, but he got one hell of a not so hidden advantage.
  9. Right. I'm just saying it would be a lot more impressive if he paid them back in $400 increments every month after he got his first job AND gave them $12 Million.
  10. Javonte Perkins is a great start. If you recall, local players didn't especially like SLU until Ford got here.
  11. I think JUCO is the way to go. JUCO player usually have already developed college ball bodies and will have 2 years remaining with the team.
  12. I'm sure everyone will call me a troll, but I hate the Chaifetz story as it's usually told. There must be more to the story beyond he just got a free education. At what point in his education did his father stop paying tuition? Was he getting straight As? Some pretty messed up stuff happened to me while I attended SLU. The options given to me by the bursar were clear. Take out a loan or drop out. I took out a loan and I'm still paying for it. Most of us could do some pretty amazing things with a free Saint Louis University degree.
  13. Agreed. I think the whole team needs to work on finesse. They all really seem to rely on physically overpowering the other guy and unfortunately that puts their fate in the hands of the refs. VCU seems to get away with it while we don't.
  14. I just wonder if coaches are telling their players to, not necessarily flop, but if there is hard contact, sell it. I also wonder if when our guys are playing against one another in practice, no one is selling it, and instead admirably playing through the contact. This might make it hard for the offensive player to know how much contact is too much contact in a game. Just a thought.
  15. Hey it's time to talk about Ford's seat being hot when @Taj79 says it's time. AND NOT A SECOND SOONER! Hahahaha
  16. Haha I didn't even post the tweet! I just responded to it. Clearly other people are thinking what I'm thinking. Also, was it off the wall? I don't think I said anything that I wouldn't have said to a friend sitting next to me in that arena. I observed a clearly superior game day experience to anything that I have ever experienced at my time at SLU and I shot my observation out to the billikens.com community... THE HORROR! Furthermore, I don't think I blamed May or anyone for anything. I simply questioned why VCU was consistently better than us, at basketball, and the game day experie
  17. I'm honored to be mentioned in the great an powerful @Taj79's day-after-game write up. As a person, you perfectly sum up my experience at Saint Louis University. Crazy, man.
  18. How American. You don't like what someone is saying... close your eyes, plug your ears and scream. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I've made like 4 critical posts during a demoralizing first half.
  19. You seem to be one of the only people on this message board that get it.
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