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  1. Key is a solid player. ISU in the bonus and have only 3 team fouls. 52-39 at the 10 min. mark.
  2. Martin Frickin' Linssen!!! Kevin McHale clone!!!
  3. Nice to see Has' getting involved. 2 buckets in a row.
  4. Terrific drive by Perk and we're up 13. Clock violation on ISU, great D.
  5. Laravia has three fouls. Perk starts the half making one of two FTs.
  6. All that good early play and we're only up 7, 35-28.
  7. Lead under 10, we've got to get it going again.
  8. Perk with the sweet triple. He is so money.
  9. They've got Perk's drive to the left stymied. Would love to see him be able to go to the right as well.
  10. JGood with the good follow and six boards. He's playing so well tonight.
  11. Laravia has a sweet stroke. He's a tough matchup for the Bills but what a start, otherwise.
  12. Take it back, Gibby bang, and we're up 25-8.
  13. Gibby's gone a little cold from the arc. We draw another charge.
  14. C'mon JGood, you're too good to commit that foul.
  15. Textbook break by the Bills started by great D. 20-8, this team so far this year, WOW!
  16. Our guards are so good. Beautiful floater by Yurimania. Damn, he's good.
  17. Jacobs with the sweet drive. 16-8 good guys.
  18. You can't stop Martin Linssen, you can only hope to contain him.
  19. Good D so far by ISU. They're paying attention to the scouting report.
  20. Have been curious about the '78 Roosevelt game and finally found the info on it. It was the lidlifter for the year and the Bills smacked 'em around pretty good, winning 130-61. That was kind of rough season for the Bills as they went 10-17 with a number of close losses against good teams. Believe it or not, the Roosevelt U. Lakers hoop team still exists playing in the NAIA.
  21. Are you JFK Jr.? Apparently, he really did come back and is posing for photos at the Trump rally.
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