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  1. Jordan - J-O-R-D-A-N - same spelling as Michael Jordan - the greatest basketball player of all time. Disappointed - D-I-S-A-P-P-O-I-N-T-E-D - as in we're all disappointed in a tied for 6th conference finish.
  2. He needs to be able to hit an open 3 if left alone, but I concur if he can consistently finish at the rim, a lot of the other flaws can be overlooked (see Jordair Jett)
  3. You could see Goodwin's potential in flashes. Next year we NEED him to be a guy who can consistently score. Beating a dead horse but... -Work on half court repertoire, post up game, mid range jumpers, his little running sky layup -FT% > 70% -3P% > 35% Hopefully he benefits from playing alongside a pure point guard and a true 3PT sharpshooter, but he needs to polish his offensive fundamentals if this team has any hope next year
  4. The announcer apparently thought they should go inside to Evans... Jett standing at near mid court until the shot clock hits 5 and proceeds to beat his man then weave through 2 additional help(less) defenders, in the process clinching the outright A10 title and staking his claim as Conference POY. Jett was so gangsta.
  5. Underrated moment when after the tying layup, Jett blindly anticipates/deflects the inbounds pass to Chaz Williams. Also note Jett's defense on Chaz' final shot - absorbing the pushoff and keeping the hand in his face without fouling. In one of Coach Majerus final interviews during the run up to the 2012 NCAA tournament, he spoke of Jett's balance. That's what I think of watching his defense on that final shot.
  6. -MrJoeLabs has always been a troll -Welmer is going to be ready to play on Senior day 2019? 2020? 2021? -It's HIPAA, not HIPPA
  7. I cited him as one of the factors why the team is not living up to the preseason expectations and people don't want to hear it.
  8. On the year, French's stats are very similar to his freshman year - worse FG% and more rebounds, but very similar. Like I said, he's been trending up since the start of A10 play (and the departure of CG), but again, his FT shooting truly limits his potential as a scorer. I think most people expected him to build on, not replicate his freshman year.
  9. I'm not going to apologize for pointing out Goodwin's been a disappointment in 2018-19, but I will be glad to reverse course and give him his due in 2 weeks or 2 months or 2 years if he should morph into the scorer we thought he could be.
  10. The Bills were picked to win the A10, and Goodwin and Bess were preseason 2nd team all A10, w/ French 3rd team. Bess is playing like a 1st team all A10 and POY candidate. French has been a mild disappointment, but is trending up (FT shooting notwithstanding) since the start of A10 play. Goodwin in the 8 conference games is shooting 34.3% from the floor (2.9 made FG per game on 8.4 attempts). Those are the facts.
  11. Goodwin's 2nd year looks a lot like Jett's freshman year. Goodwin gets more rebounds and takes more shots. Jett is more efficient and a better defender. Jett's soph year the Billikens were 34th in KenPom Offensive Efficiency. Majerus used him in a role where he was the 2nd wave (w/ Cody) that tightened the defensive intensity, and usually was on the floor at the end of the game, but with Conklin and Kwamain (and Evans and Ellis), Jett was not depended on for crunch time scoring. This team badly needs a guy who they can just give the ball, and he can beat his man off the dribble and score. I expected Goodwin to be that type of player at this stage of his development, but he's not there at the moment.
  12. Here's Jett's 1st 2 seasons per 40min (not reflected in these stats, Jett was all 10 defensive team his soph season as a bench player) Here's Goodwins for a comparison, using per 40 min
  13. It's disgusting to point out Goodwin isn't able to get buckets in crunch time? It's not about a bad game. It's a 47 game sample where he's shooting 38% from the floor. I appreciate everything he's done, but if we're trying to figure out why the team that was predicted to win the A10 is headed towards another disappointing season, you have to look at who is underachieving, and while perhaps the expectations were unrealistic for Goodwin, the reality is he has not lived up to them.
  14. yeah, I was - either way the 4 modern era guards (excluding 1 and done Larry Hughes) on the "All Century team" - Claggett, Lisch, Mitchell, and Jett were all bonafide studs at this point in their careers - with Jett's coming as a bench player on the most loaded team we've ever had.
  15. Not good enough. Kwamain averaged 11 PPG his freshman year and 15.9 his sophomore year and was 2nd team all A10. Jett was the 2nd man off the bench his soph year and didn't take many shots, but he did make the A10 all defensive team. Lisch averaged 17.7 PPG his soph year and was all conf defensive team, honorable mention all conf Claggett averaged 19.7 PPG his soph year and was 1st team all conf. Most importantly, come crunch time - Goodwin is not a guy we can count on to get buckets.
  16. The factors for the underachieving are 1. Jordan Goodwin has not lived up to his billing It's not fair to put everything on him, but the reality is he was a highly touted local recruit that was expected to be the next great Billikens guard. While he can do many things well, he's shooting 38% from the field (24.1% from 3) for his SLU career over 47 games. He was expected to be a go-to offensive scorer and shut down defender. He's neither, and I'm not sure how much improvement we can expect going forward. 2. Too many players who were expected to perform are gone after playing little or not at all (esp Henriquez, Graves, Santos, Gordon) 3. The grad transfers were band-aids, not replacements or upgrades Maybe some of the above is on Ford, and maybe Ford has been outcoached in some close losses but overall I think he's done well to hold things together and keep the recruiting train running.
  17. They should bring back Sekue to teach these kids how to induce lane violations.
  18. I wasn't there, just repeating verbatim what I heard. I'm assuming the literal use of "destroyed the locker room" as in property damage and creating a mess rather than the figurative divided locker room interpretation.
  19. I don't have any direct sources but word 'round the campfire is that those 2 got into a scrap and Gordon destroyed the locker room. I'm sure someone on here can shed more light.
  20. There was a Lenny Cooke documentary that got pretty wide distribution on cable/streaming. It shows just how quickly it can all come unraveled for an elite player if his development stalls.
  21. Isabell is overmatched. Can't get a shot. Can't create for others. No steals. 3 Turnovers...and he's been part of miscommunications on turnovers charged to others...
  22. 11am Sunday morning start when the Rams had a 3pm game (albeit the Spags era) was nowhere near full
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