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  1. LHJ and Parker both need to get more minutes.
  2. It seems most of the board is at step 3 as we grieve the season that should have been. Lots of bargaining and anger.
  3. You think the coach would have adjusted the game plan when this proved to not work, but he never did.
  4. We lost to SIUE at home. We need to worry about every team on a neutral court.
  5. Travis had a crap game plan and didn’t adjust it while he kept a guy in there that was killing us.
  6. Since I gave him a hard time, Forrester just stepped up big on both ends.
  7. We are included as the A10 automatic qualifier.
  8. If RPI is right and every other rating system is wrong, we should run the table and get the automatic bid. So people have nothing to worry about.
  9. Already four unranked teams have took down ranked opponents including the second ranked team. Two more ranked teams are currently down at the half.
  10. Jimmy Bell with 15 points and 7 rebounds in WVU’s 3 point win over Auburn.
  11. Davidson scored 26 points total off of turnovers and second chances. Clean that up and we win by double digits.
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