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  1. I love the Bradford pick. If the Rams don't trade the 33rd pick, then I will be pissed. Let someone over pay for Clausen or McCoy, then Sergio Kindle and Aaron Hernandez from Florida.
  2. Looks like he hurts his ankle in the third video and then comes back to nail a 3 in the last video.
  3. Sure I guaranteed it, but I thought it was obvious I was be deliberately over zealous. Also, I did notice that he was able to run very well, unlike our previous 7 footer......
  4. Gotcha, but you do suggest he will score 9 points a game. I said 10 and you told me to take it easy..... The next point is not necessarily directed at you, but I don't think people realize that Loe and Kanter were playing the same position. Enes Kanter, a Kentucky recruit, broke the scoring record last night. Yes, Rob Loe is not as good as Kanter, but I still think he is going to be a superstar.
  5. Dude, you are all over the place on your analysis.
  6. Nothing about last night changed my opinion that he will be an instant stud. Will Barton didn't do anything special, do Memphis fans feel any worse about him signing? By all accounts he is the number 1 shooting guard in the country, and this game isn't going to change that opinion. But seriously, a serviceable center? A "serviceable" center would be Heinrich or Kenny Brown.
  7. Because he is good. What basis do you have for thinkng he won't?
  8. People are really over-reacting to this ONE game. Freshman year: 10 points 5 board Sophomore year 13 board 7 boards Junior year 17 10 Senior year 19 10 Guaranteed
  9. I'm pretty sure when Kwamain played in his all star game(s) he put up the least impressive numbers. I believe he had like 2 points and 4 assists. Willie had 4 points on two dunks I think. Rob Loe will be a dominate player.
  10. LOL its an exhibition. He will be a Billiken Hall of Famer. Mark it down.
  11. I will tell him he wasn't right. This had been planned for a couple months.
  12. +1. Especially if Femi comes back healthy.
  13. God, I hope he is transferring under his own decision. That would be a ###### move.
  14. Not quite, but I would rather enjoy a Loe commitment than get in a pissing match with someone on a message board.
  15. LOL. Smart ass? Again, who said I'm not a subscriber? I'm not sure about the "official" time, but I do think Nate deserved better than what you gave him. I'm not gonna get in a pissing match.
  16. Who said I wasn't? No, but I did think it would last longer than 11 minutes before it was posted for the rest of the world to see. You are diminishing the value of a subscription when you run to Billikens.com because you want to "break" a story.
  17. +1 Man works his ass off and people run with his info.
  18. You are a dumb ######. Just my opinion. If you honestly think Christian and JJ are better than Kyle, you don't know basketball. Alright, that for real was my last post for a very long time. Happy Easter ya'll.
  19. This is getting ridiculous. This board has lost its ###### mind. He was our best defensive player all year, had a generally good season, and people rip him. He has one terrible game to end the season, mind you a game that NO ONE played well in, and he is getting ripped to pieces. Not to sound like Billikan, but see ya'll next year, this board has gone insane.
  20. No, I'm not USED to the talent that we had previously. I look at the progression that Kyle made from his freshman to his sophomore year and I think he has real promise for next year. So he played sparingly last year, progressed enormously throughout this year, and yet you write him off? I'll take my chances with KC.
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