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  1. And yeah, I meant for the Billikens.com part. I like the cooperplate you use everywhere else.
  2. The SLU athletic font is what you see on the arena floor. On one end it reads "Saint Louis" and the other "Billikens." Here is an example from the SLU athletics website:
  3. Can you use the SLU athletic lettering instead of what you currently have? If so, that would look really cook with the new layout you have. Great job!
  4. Unfortunately, I missed the Nike Hoop Summit. Does anybody have any video of Rob Loe? It is quite hard to find online. Thanks.
  5. I think its on FoxSports Midwest 9:00ct.
  6. anyway, you all know who i am by now. just look for us wed. we can all talk in person and stop hiding behind screen names. we'll solve our little problem.
  7. sorry you didnt see my correction. haha joke is on me. you can win this one. congrats.
  8. Fact: I know normon doesnt like it, but the sitting down and jumping was my idea. i went to bluecrew and they implemented it. Fact: We made the majerus head. and people came up to us and we helped them make others (the conklin head and the erkle. Fact: You are all arrogant and retarted.
  9. sorry i cant stay here and argue with you all. i have to go throw a kegger at fusz. good night.
  10. Is it just because you didn't fit in? Too busy playing world of warcraft?
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