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  1. what's new? father biondi is still not committed to winning. despite public statements to contrary, it is clear he has no clue how to build a winning program. our coach does but, unfortunately, the good father doesn't listen to anyone. i don't know about the rest of you, but if biondi fails to renew majerus's contract or forces him out with all his nickling and diming, i for one will not be renewing my tickets and will not renew my billikenclub membership. although my contributions are small compared to those by others, the thousands of dollars i spend each year on billiken basketball (i
  2. Billikan- u know his m.o. This is the same guy who was bashing our staff for not recruiting mclemore hard enough and who insisted that oak hill wold make sure he's eligible. Also same guy who thinks harrelson would have ridden pine behind remekun. He is billikenroy jr.
  3. Not sure i understand what you mean. If you are suggesting that its ok for coaches to leave and not players, then I disagree. You are talking about 18 year old kids who are still learning how to make decisions. And while coaches are under the gun and can be fired, players are also under the gun and can lose their scholarships at virtually any time. If it is ok for coaches to bounce from one job to another without ramifications, then it should be ok for the players to do the same thing. Let's assume JH had gone to W.Ill., and the team did well for 2 years. A major school comes around and
  4. http://campuscorner.kansascity.com/node/1759
  5. you're right, DT was the victim here. had Kentucky come offering DT a head coaching job, he would have declined in order to honor his commitment to his players. and yes DT was "Very classy" in the interview, just like he was when he tried to hold JH hostage by not releasing him from his LOI.
  6. not looking to re-hash an old argument, but here's a good article about harrelson worth reading before the game tonight. fair to say he had a better season than loe and remekun, contrary to what many folks on here were saying in december. also fair to say that sodie blew it with him and that harrelson made a pretty good choice to go to uk. http://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/article_b339c244-19eb-5833-ba6a-6cb18d1fda9a.html
  7. No problem. Next time try reading them yourself before you speculate about things that just won't happen. quote name='brianstl' timestamp='1301575355' post='269788'] Wow thanks for that breaking news. I am glad you can read the recruiting sites. I know the chances of Porter coming to SLU are about zero. That doesn't mean you don't try to make another run at him right now when one of his top choices is a total mess and it is very important to his mom and family for him to play close to home.
  8. mclemore bombed out of oak hill. U were wrong when u guaranteed oak hill would make him eligible and when u said he could cut it at slu academically. That was during one of ur rants re majerus failing to recruit locally.
  9. typical comment I've come to expect from u. And while it may be true, at least concede when you have been wrong with your majerus bashing. Like when u bashed him for not recruiting local players like mclemore, who u insisted would be eligible at slu. The guy bombed out of oak hill, whcih i didn't even know was possible. Don't just take your shots at the coach and disappear when you're wrong.
  10. Not sure they have welding at Fordham, a Jesuit school ranked above slu. quote name='Taj79' timestamp='1298039889' post='264325'] Let's not forget, too, that even though Brett Thompson transfered to a lower-tier program, he still had to get his grades in order first to play at Lindenwood. I think when kids transfer, they have to transfer in good standing to have the smoothest transition happen. I believe that when Jio Fontane left Fordham, he probably had the standard and usual progress towards a degree, had transferable grades, and was going from a like program (oh say welding) to a sim
  11. And u said cassity would be in the NBA. Actually, I don't recall majerus ever saying anything like that about cassity. He has always said cassity needs to shoot more. Maybe he's getting more frustrated with cassity's unwillingness to step up in the absence of our top 3 scorers.
  12. I thought he had NBA potential. quote name='kmbilliken' timestamp='1297541205' post='263652'] KC is a good player that had a bad game. He is being asked to do something he is not capable of, be the best player on the team. Next year he will be our 3rd or 4th best player and be very good in that role. He is a legit D1 player.
  13. That's weird. According to many on this board, our coaching staff doesn't recruit locally.
  14. Absolutely. The a10 is down. We've had a lot of close games that we would have won with them.
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