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  1. I cannot recall 1 foul on SLU that was blatantly a bad call. How about less moving screens that are essentially a foul and a turnover? How about not fouling a jump shooter? How about not leaping on a pump fake 12 feet from the basket when our defender already has an 8 inch reach advantage on the shooter? I hope the players aren't blaming the refs and instead are focused on improvement. We are better than last night.
  2. True. We're just as likely to lose our first game in the A10 tournament as we are to run the table. Hoping for the latter!
  3. LOL. Reminds me of INGVI GUDMUNDSSON jacking it up from 45 feet. Sorry about ALL CAPS it was cut and paste from old roster
  4. does Ford do any prep at all? Stop Fernandes and we win easy. McKillop had Davidson totally prepared to win at a tough VCU. This stinks.
  5. Franco tossing up off balanced shots. Try a pass for once
  6. Because mentioning French's recent success in kick-outs indicates that at minimum the coaching staff isn't AGAINST kick-outs. We cannot ask players to do something, but Coach can (and should)
  7. Our bigs don't kick out this season. Hasahn was pretty good at kicking out for open 3 pointers.
  8. I agree. inside out passes are nonexistent on this team
  9. Try Andre L. Could he be any worse than everyone else?
  10. not convinced JN is a playmaker. Seems to be a score first guy.
  11. Need a competitive point guard from transfer portal for next year. I'm a big Yuri fan but we need more than 1 PG.
  12. Does any of our bigs know what a kickout is?
  13. Linssen makes some good passes, especially to cutters. I just don't see kickouts to the arc.
  14. It would be nice to see Linssen and Okoro pass out of a double. In fact, I never see any kickout passes once they have the ball.
  15. I'd take Murphy over Yuri in a heartbeat. GJ and Nesbitt can hold their heads high.
  16. Franco is directly from the official billiken tweets. Next time I'll just say FO.
  17. I too like GJ going to the hoop. that will eventually pay dividends at the arc. Would like him to do more of the little things. Should be averaging more than 1 rebound and 0 assists. Amazed at Franco's free throw shooting. With Martin's solid FT%, we don't have any hack-a-shaq candidates.
  18. Are you indicating McDermott could be fired at Creighton?
  19. See if Ford can make some halftime adjustments. Going forward, no one's minutes should be assumed for next year except Perkins. I hope to see better ball movement next year.
  20. I'm not going to lose sleep anymore about Ford moving on to a P6 program.
  21. At the moment, the Bills are not fun to watch. The unselfish ball movement we saw against LSU has morphed into a strange reluctance to make the extra pass. All 3 seniors have abandoned any semblance of ball movement.
  22. The kick-out opportunities were there to an open GJ, but French and Goodwin most often chose not to make the pass.
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