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  1. It's interesting to wonder what high school kids like Cassity look for when they select a school. For instance, Michigan is a great academic school in Ann Arbor a great college town. On the other hand, basketball is absolutely an afterthought at Michigan. It's not just football. There is more interest in UM hockey (Red Berensen has been the head coach for years and they are typically nationally ranked).Tickets are typically readily available to home basketball games with a couple exceptoins like MSU and OSU. UM had a lousy record this year, were woeful in their 34 Point(?) "effort" in their
  2. Any speculation on a starting lineup for UDM for the coming year? Do you have anyone to replace Ryvan Coville in the middle and is Coville playing in Europe? I look forward to seeing Brandon Cotton play. I remember he was a Parade All Amercian coming out of high school. Too bad he had the terrible accident. His match up with Lisch or Lidell - all lefties -should be a great show. Good luck wit h the coming season - except for the the SLU game.
  3. The Horizon is an interesting league. The number of transfers in this league that "come home" to Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, etc. to play after originally signing with higher rated programs is significant. This trend has obviously helped a number of programs in the league. Detroit, for instance, graduated their starting center Ryvan Coville (6'9" averaged 14 ppg and 10 rebounds last year) who was a transfer from Michigan. Brandon Cotton, who I believe led the Horizon in scoring last year, was a Parade All American gaurd who played for Izzo at Michigan State before coming home to Detroit and
  4. Depending on "how much" Irons wants ot talk, this could indeed get very interesting. More importantly, it is very sad - this is the sort of leadership we expose our children to in far too many cases.
  5. I believe this is the highest ranked class acccording to the pundits since the Larry the Legend, Roland Gray, Matt Baniek, etc. class recruited by Rich Grawer. Does anyone remember how the pundits ranked that particular class?
  6. What do you think Majerus will think when he finds out SLU recruits need to pass 15 hours of Philosophy and/or Theology. Hardly what 18 year old kids are wanting to hear. SLU is not an easy place to successfully recruit for a number of reasons. Lack of easy majors are only one of many.
  7. If someone tried to figure out the absolutely worst time to fire a coach I believe this would be the time. Some times I wonder who is making the decisions in the athletic department. Can our two recruits ask to bolt at this time? Put yourself in the place of these two recruits - I wonder how much they and their paremts trust SLU at this time. Are we destined to be a mediocre team in a lousy conference forever?
  8. I am as big a bills fan as anyone. However, let inject a small dose of realism into this discussion. 95% of high school basketball players would rather play in the Big 10 than the A-10 if offered scholarships and at least that % would choose Iowa over SLU. Like it or not, SLU is not going to be a first choice for many top recruits unless there is a unique attraction - i.e. Larry Hughes and his brothers heart problem and SLU's medical center, Lisch wanting to stay close to home to play in front of his family, etc. These linkages are not nearly common enough for us to build a top program. In t
  9. $100,000+ for "new uniforms!" Ouch! Isn't this the school district that is short basic textbooks every fall when the school year opens.
  10. My son and I were switching between the MU - Texas game and the WVU - ND game.We happened to switch over to MU during the time out when they were down by 10 with less than 2 to play. MU lets Texas milk the clock for 30 seconds then lets Texas get a good shot. My son and I both syell at the same time - "what the hell was the time out about -Quin just quit coaching!" Funny thing, the announcers were incredulous as well. I knew then that poor bastard was a beaten man on the way out the door. It's like a death watch. Quiz - how many football games or basketball games have the Mountaineers lost
  11. After watching the Marquette and WVU game where Marquette shot 57% for the game and got blown out by WVU who hit 20 of 38 treys, I was reminded how poorly we shoot the ball - as a team. This has become something of a chronic problem. It is apparent we have coaches who can coach the heck out of defense but we have an uncreative offense that is a best hit and miss(compared to WVU alot of teams look uncreative). We continually struggle to score points, at times it is almost painful to watch. I knew that early hype about running up and down the court and scoring a lot of points wouldn't last. I
  12. Several thoughts: If we have 4 scholarships to give, I am bothered that Brad early on indicates that we are only going to fill two slots.When transfers are looking around,what do they check out in a program? Might Brad's statement deter a possible transfer from considering us? I hope we aren't simply pinching pennies. We obviously don't have enough pennies to go around or we would have an arena under construction. Being a power forward is as much an attitude as a matter of height and weight. Some close to the program wonder if Obi isn't a small forward - mentally - in a power forwards body.
  13. Given our woeful shooting, several of us posted that we hoped one of our "shooters" would take about 500 jump shots a day in the off season in hope that some improvement would result. That may not be enough in this day and age. I'm hanging in the Miami area on vacation and have caught several of the Orange Bowl roundball tourney games on TV. Louisville has been down here playing. Taquanh Dean was interviewed. He spent the summer at the Jersey shore - running several miles in the morning in the sand wearing a 30 pound vest. He then went to the gym for weight training and later to the court for
  14. Realistically, slu has really struggled maintaining any consisitency in the program - a good year or years is followed by a run of poor years. As the number of years without an NCAA appearance continues, I am bothered by several things that seem to indicate we are still some distance from having the type of program that can sustain any real level of consistency. In no order I wonder about: 1) When was the last time we filled ALL our available scholarships? Is our pool of real DI recruits so shallow that we leave them unfilled because of the lack of quality or are we "penny pinching at times?"
  15. I have been away from St. L. since Bryce's redshirt year. I watched him regularly in pick up games at the rec center and at West Pine. Having been away from St. L. since then, when I got to see him at the Oakland where he played a good bit with Ian in foul trouble, believe me he has improved noticeably. He was doing some things he was incapable of doing a year or two ago. At Oakland he blocked a shot, pulled down the rebound and turned and made a good outlet pass. He scored on a put back over a 6'9" kid as well. He is playing with more confidence. His minutes overall were quality minutes. Br
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