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  1. How many Shriners are there ? Locally? And do you ever get to drive the little cars?
  2. Ray was also a big booster of the loop trolley.
  3. He did change regulations on the coal industry that no one wants to use.
  4. No. The oil supply increase had more to do with the new fracking discoveries in the Permian Basin. The oil industry and technology vastly increased supply. This trend has been going on for decades. Now if you tell me Trump invented fracking I will agree with you.
  5. I don’t think Trump should get credit or now blame for the oil industry. Trump doesn’t get credit or blame for fracking. There have been and will continue to be many oil industry bankruptcy’s . Even before the virus oil prices were in a major decline but don’t worry we still have beautiful coal.
  6. I am not trying to pick a fight here ,but I am curious. What in your mind has Trump done For you to consider him a great president? Serious question.
  7. I think you are selling the second team short.
  8. The behind the basket shot was the only way I could beat my kids.
  9. I agree with Izzo,it would be bad for the game and ultimately bad for the kids.
  10. I only saw 4 or 5 games so my opinion is limited but I thought she was underused. The minutes I saw were productive. She definitely needs to get stronger but I believe she has a lot of talent.
  11. Competition for playing time will be fierce. Not every body is going to be happy. Ford will have a tough job managing this but I would have said the same thing last year as we ended the season with a short bench. You never know what will happen.
  12. I’m not booking a room but I think its a little premature to say Orlando won’t happen .
  13. Disagree. I am with Roy on this. If a kid isn’t interested in an education we should not want him.
  14. I agree with you and tried to make your points earlier in this thread. I believe it is a bad proposal for the majority of programs and would be bad for a program like a SLU. The big boys would pick over the A-10 like vultures.
  15. I didn’t see your post when I repeated some of your comments.
  16. But they are paid labor. They are paid with a scholarship room and board living expenses free shoes etc. When they sigh a loi they are entering a contract. Look I understand your point from the players perspective but there is no way that I see this as being good for SLU or the game in general. There is too much poaching going on now this would open up the Wild West. It would not be good for the game and I don’t think it would be good for the education of the player and his pursuit of a degree.
  17. We are talking about filling a need. If Kansas needed a rebounding 4 there isn’t anybody better than French. Again filling a need.
  18. I do think French,Goodwin and Perkins are good enough to play for anyone. Hell they declared for the NBA. As far as paying lets see what happens to Self.
  19. I have a bridge I would like to sell you. I think a French or Perkins could be tempted to go play for a Kansas with the promise of greater exposure for the next level. I also think its nieve to believe some programs don’t pay for players.
  20. So Duke,Kansas and Kentucky can compete with the Gonzaga’s of the world.
  21. Hey we are talking the NCAA here. If a player was going to summer workouts run by the league I could see how they would not let you be with your team .
  22. So if they do this will the players stay in school and be apart of the teams summer program? I would hope so but don’t know for sure.
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