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  1. GameStop is a better option.
  2. Pretty sure Wendelprof is or was a professor there.
  3. So your point is you have to be a hall of fame coach to make the tournament almost every year? Maybe it's the other way around. Make the tournament almost every year and you become a hall of fame coach. How many years has Xavier made the tournament? Who is their hall of famer? Is Lon Krueger a famer? How about Miller?
  4. My unresearched guess is that about 30 teams make it just about every year. If you kick out the bottom 100 teams that would only make it they win their championship that leaves your 99% a tad high. Yes we could be a top 30 program every year. We should have made it 3 years in a row looking at the 4th.
  5. I don't agree that you can't make it every year. Rick talked about building a program. Before he got ill he was doing that. You reload every year. We want to become a Gonzaga ,a Nova,a Xavier. Sure you might have a bad year every now and then but if you build program you should be there every year.
  6. I am not trying to be cute but I think we need to make the tournament every year.
  7. No problem with including him but I would be reasonable happy with the Thatch I saw the last 10 games. He just needs more minutes.
  8. I think a good litmus test of whether Ford can develop talent will be the 3 current Bills you mention. Yuri-TJ-Jimerson. We all think the have a lot of ability. Can they become really productive players behind what they have currently done. I think the will but time will tell.
  9. Maybe the university sees the hammer coming.
  10. But can he bring the bring the ball up the floor?
  11. Besides driving this board crazy I don't think he turned it over very often and occasionally brought the defense to him. Obviously Ford didn't mind.
  12. I kinda liked when he brought the ball up the court.
  13. If Okoro is truly an upgrade on French we will be a great team. While French's senior year might be considered a disappointment he is one of the Billiken best big men.
  14. Steve should have a poll of how many MBM’s read the whole thing. I put the over under at around 20%.
  15. 1966 or 67. John Kilo. Bob Cole. Eugene Moore. Rich Nieman Barry Orms. Might have mixed a couple of years.
  16. Channel 5 promised good news on their sports plus tonight.
  17. Just looked at their current roster. Everyone appears to be from the upper Midwest Chicago extended area. Still don’t see how they were going to be a recruiting rival.
  18. It’s not obvious to me. They have Chicago. They are not going to out recruit the Illinois of the world in Southern Illinois.
  19. Why is Loyola possibly taking a step back good for us? Don’t think we recruit against each other all that often. Anytime a Mid is successful is a good thing.
  20. Went to a Cardinal weekend there a few years ago. Liked it a lot.
  21. I still don’t believe he has a get out of jail free card.
  22. I would also like to see 2 freshman. With all the transfers out there good freshman could be ignored.
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