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  1. 5 minutes ago, slufanskip said:

    Where does a school with 85 football scholarships balance that out with women's sports. I know some have ladies soccer and no mens. I know men's soccer has 9.9 to give out and I think the women have 14? 

    I don’t believe it has to be or is a people numbers thing just the number of sports offered. If this is correct women’s volleyball would offset football. 

  2. UCON announced they are dropping 4 sports and cutting their athletic budget by 15%. They will still have a significant deficit. Sign of the times. I hope our programs don't get hit too hard. I am glad Biondi is no longer president. 

  3. 1 hour ago, wgstl said:

    Im still not sold on Loyola.  Sure its attractive right now with having a recent final four run, a coach who we're familiar with, and close in location.  But they need to show me a little more for me to want them.  Odds are coach porter will leave if he has more success, but out side of the last 2 years, that program has been a mess. 

    Don't forget 1963

  4. 2 hours ago, slu72 said:

    Successful FB programs have years of tradition backing them up. You don’t create that overnight. Just look at the top 20 or 30 programs, almost every year it’s the same programs. Yes, they are huge revenue producers, but for less successful programs they are large losers. Look at UConn as an example. They tried to take a minor program to a major program. Finally gave up due to losses. 
    Let’s say SLU would go with a minor program and play in a minor conference. Does anyone think we’d draw large enough crowds to even break even? Highly doubtful. We tried this with Hockey back in the 70’s and made it as major as it could be at the time, ie we were playing schools considered top tier. Didn’t pay and almost had us dropping to D2 in hoops. 
    No, put the $$’s into both men’s and women’s hoops. Make those programs annual winners.

    I don’t disagree with the premise of your post but we dropped hockey because Sid Salomon stopped backing it. Father O’Connell was pushing D2 because he didn’t see the value of sports and more importantly the university was going broke. Huge short term debt in a period of astronomical interest rates. 

  5. I am a guy who has argued that the basketball program has been getting whatever funding they have requested. I am not sure that will be the case with COVID. Budgets will probably be cut in all university departments. It wouldn't shock me if they don't replace him,maybe just move Ray . 

  6. I don’t know if it’s fair to blame any athletic director for talks of going D2. Father O’Connell was the president of the U pushing that direction. If my memory clock is correct Charles Schroeder was the Guy in charge of athletics around that time. A really good guy Larry Preo was around that time as AD. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Reinert310 said:

    They’ll find a loophole for Kansas just like they did for UNC. UNC created fake classes for athletes and the NCAA concluded that fake classes technically weren’t against the rules at the time. Ummmmmm....what?

    Disagree. I think because of UNC they will nail KU. The NCAA took a lot of heat because UNC got off on a technicality. 

  8. 1 hour ago, 3star_recruit said:

    The biggest difference between Jacobs' strengths and Thatch's strengths, defense and rebounding, is that Thatch's strengths are nearly impossible for the opposing team to take away. 

    Hate to be a sceptic and I pray I am wrong but I don’t think there are any guarantees that Fred will play. Don’t think they ever figured out what his medical condition is. Hope whatever it is will just go away. 

  9. 17 minutes ago, kshoe said:

    This is not directed at any player, team, or school, but I'd think if one looked nationwide at grades that were reported for the spring of 2020, they are much higher than normal. Nobody is going to be flunked out during a pandemic and teachers were lenient in all of their grading. This is likely true from kindergarten to masters degrees.

    I certainly hope no one flunks out of kindergarten. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Clock_Tower said:

    Exactly.  Going "pro" such as the Turkish league and $45,000  would mark the end of one's dream -- the NBA.  And why?   Because of possible injury?  The same risk that they faced before last year's college season?  Why even play college for "free" at all?  Instead of focusing on the likelihood of injury, how likely is it that G League and "pro" basketball will have their seasons this year and pay their players?  Anyone hear of plan to re-start the G League?  I hear of plans with the NBA with all games in Orlando Florida without no fans - butts in the seats - but nothing else. And assuming the owners and players can agree, MLB will make money due to high TV ratings/revenue (though not as much without butts in the seats due to COVID 19).   Same with the NBA.   SLU basketball has name recognition (together with the rest of the NCAA schools) and will make money from TV ratings even without butts in the seats or as many butts in the seats.  SLU will open its doors to students because it desperately needs the revenue from tuition (many will not pay full price for online learning), from housing and from basketball to subsidize the non-revenue sports - and basketball is simply a large and visible part of SLU re-opening its campus to alumni, fans and future students.  As to the NBA G league, not so sure.  How will the players make $125k without butts (or as many) in the seats?  Advertising revenue will be a bigger challenge as well -- not as much for MLB, NBA and I suspect NCAA college football/basketball, though, I suspect there will simply not be as much revenue to go around and that not all sports programs will have the revenues it had in the past.  And believe it or not, my knowledge of Turkish league basketball is not extensive but I doubt all of the overseas "pro" opportunities will not exist or not be as attractive as in the past. 

    Giving up being an NBA lottery pick and guaranteed millions for Obi Toppin to stay another year in college with your friends and possibly win an NCAA Championship is what most people talk about -- not worth the risk.   

    Other than Little Bill, does anyone else think the chance to end their NBA dream in order to play low level "pro" by a college player with eligibility (Has and Goodwin) during this global pandemic when guaranteed "pro" money seems far more suspect than an ACL tear is - not worth the risk?

    Minor league baseball is almost certainly dead for the year. While the timing is different I would think the G league would also be in jeopardy. 

  11. 1 hour ago, tarheelbilliken said:

    One of the players interviewed end of the vid, was that Reditt Hudson? Reason I said this is this morning I enjoyed the vid, thanks 05. Later I am watching the news, I'm in North Carolina. On it they have Reditt Hudson participating in a discussion concerning the the George Floyd situation. Did not know he was a former SL Police officer and now the  director of the  National Coalition of Law Enforcement Officers for Justice Reform and Accountability (NCLEOJ ).

    First, his looks have not changed. Second very well spoken, knowledgeable and professional. Truly a credit to SLU Basketball and the University. 

    Pretty sure Reditt also got a Masters from Washington U. Not bad for a dumb kid from U-City. PS. He was also a pretty good basketball player. 

  12. 1 minute ago, billiken_roy said:

    at one time, our record of slu basketball players getting their degrees was outstanding.   i have kind of lost track of that since rickma came to town.   if there are any Athletic Department guys reading that would be a good stat to release assuming it is still pretty good.  

    I know they have worked very hard to get Tommie Liddell back taking some courses working on his degree. 

  13. 3 minutes ago, cgeldmacher said:

    The Missouri legislature is debating immunity from lawsuits on the state level as well.  Any lawsuit over contracting COVID-19 would be a state claim, not a federal claim anyway.

    Unless they call a special session this won't help the start of a new year. 

  14. 7 minutes ago, slu72 said:

    Not to get too political, but McConnell and the Republicans want legislation to hold companies, businesses, etc free from liability in the event someone gets the disease. I'm sure school districts and colleges would be included in this legislation as well. 

    I don't see this happening unless they give the Dems something they desperately want in a trade off. 

  15. 23 minutes ago, Quality Is Job 1 said:

    Yes.  5* is McDonald's All-American.  Top 25.  And, yes, Larry Hughes Sr. was a McDonald's All-American in 1997.  In the Nike Hoop Summit game that year he was the top player.  Were you following hoops then?

    Wasn’t he the MVP of the all star game?

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