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  1. It’s extremely rare for a senior to be drafted
  2. You are a very good Monday morning quarterback. If you were saying all this back then I would like to see it. My memory was what’s taking May so long to name Crews.
  3. I had the good fortune to sit next to Chris several years ago at a road game. He is definitely a passionate fan.
  4. Golden didn’t score in the first half and Bell had him to start the game. Did a great job.
  5. Everyone on this board wanted more minutes for TJ including me. Those minutes have to come from somewhere. Tonight they were from Jimerson . Fred is getting some of Jacob’s . Just not enough to go around unless you take them from the seniors and not sure you want to do that. Hard to play more than 8
  6. When Yuri is not in the game the offense stagnates. 9 to 4 is not terrible.
  7. I also disagree especially when he is set up in the corner. He is totally ready to shoot.
  8. I am with Billiken Roy on one thing. We need to play faster. We made our best runs pushing the ball. In other words our half court offense sucks. Speed up the game.
  9. Valentine made the terrible game deciding call but it was the tall silver headed guy who was making bad touch calls all game putting our players in foul trouble. He made 2 awful touch calls against Linsen in about 30 seconds.
  10. This maybe the worst shooting game I have ever watched from a Billiken team . Certainly top 5
  11. Championship game on CBS national TV .
  12. I sure didn’t see or hear any disturbance.
  13. Who was Jett before his senior year?
  14. I have said this several times before. If he hasn't seen a sports psychologist he should.
  15. Don’t play him if there is any chance of re injury.
  16. Don't know that it has necessarily been promised to him.
  17. I think the big difference may be Yuri. Unfortunately the ankle make his full return take even longer.
  18. Never understood why it is illegal in basketball
  19. Look Cruse was a disaster . Could not recruit . But to say he didn’t coach Rick’s team well is wrong. Players don’t coach themselves. Your narrative is just wrong.
  20. I wasn't crazy about the 3 he took early in the clock.
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