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  1. I don’t believe it has to be or is a people numbers thing just the number of sports offered. If this is correct women’s volleyball would offset football.
  2. UCON announced they are dropping 4 sports and cutting their athletic budget by 15%. They will still have a significant deficit. Sign of the times. I hope our programs don't get hit too hard. I am glad Biondi is no longer president.
  3. This is a point I have made in the past. I think most do not. That said most aren’t season ticket holders.
  4. I don’t disagree with the premise of your post but we dropped hockey because Sid Salomon stopped backing it. Father O’Connell was pushing D2 because he didn’t see the value of sports and more importantly the university was going broke. Huge short term debt in a period of astronomical interest rates.
  5. I am a guy who has argued that the basketball program has been getting whatever funding they have requested. I am not sure that will be the case with COVID. Budgets will probably be cut in all university departments. It wouldn't shock me if they don't replace him,maybe just move Ray .
  6. I don’t know if it’s fair to blame any athletic director for talks of going D2. Father O’Connell was the president of the U pushing that direction. If my memory clock is correct Charles Schroeder was the Guy in charge of athletics around that time. A really good guy Larry Preo was around that time as AD.
  7. So what is his condition? I have heard they really don't know. Yes they know he cramps, but whats the cause.
  8. You may be thinking of his wife who was a vp at Bankamerica.
  9. Disagree. I think because of UNC they will nail KU. The NCAA took a lot of heat because UNC got off on a technicality.
  10. Hate to be a sceptic and I pray I am wrong but I don’t think there are any guarantees that Fred will play. Don’t think they ever figured out what his medical condition is. Hope whatever it is will just go away.
  11. I have no statistics to back this up but I think most schools have it pregame. This is based on seeing ceremonies going on in the background as announcers come on air.
  12. Just saw on ESPN that Earl Austin's uncle Wes Unseld has died. I had the pleasure of seeing him play in high school. Greatest outlet passer in the history of the game. Condolences to Earl.
  13. I certainly hope no one flunks out of kindergarten.
  14. Minor league baseball is almost certainly dead for the year. While the timing is different I would think the G league would also be in jeopardy.
  15. Pretty sure Reditt also got a Masters from Washington U. Not bad for a dumb kid from U-City. PS. He was also a pretty good basketball player.
  16. Agreed. Perkins was incredible the last half of the season.
  17. I know they have worked very hard to get Tommie Liddell back taking some courses working on his degree.
  18. I think opposing coaches have done us a major favor in not using the hack a French more. They were very late to adopting the strategy. It's just math. I think we we see it from day one this year and only hope French sees a shooting doctor and sports shrink.
  19. Unless they call a special session this won't help the start of a new year.
  20. I don't see this happening unless they give the Dems something they desperately want in a trade off.
  21. I am not sure of this but they may have made it optional. Again I am not sure but thought I saw something to that effect.
  22. Wasn’t he the MVP of the all star game?
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