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  1. Didn't want to start a new thread but our Prof Steve got some publicity in the Post today. He was in charge of a SLU/YOU/Gov. poll in the state of Missouri. There were some interesting results but I don't want to start a political discussion so read it yourself. Congrats Steve. I thing you should change your screen name to ProfSteve.
  2. I don't think Old Guy is totally wrong in his take. The big donor who loves his school is already giving dollars to the program. He is getting the VIP treatment plus a tax deduction. Is he going to switch those dollars to a NIL? The Chris May's of the world will certainly fight that. So the NIL market is a new market. Take the Luther Burden deal to sell potato chips with Old Vienna . If the chips sell it will be good for both. If they don't over time they will stop. My point is I think the NIL investor is a different market and may want a return on his dollars in some form.
  3. I also love Maisel but not sure I would call it a sitcom.
  4. My guess is All in the family,Sanford and Son and the Big Bang.
  5. I’ll show my age. All in the family,Sanford and Son and I’ll throw in Big Bang.
  6. Whoever complained about espn+ not having a clock ,they listened to you.
  7. I like saving a scholarship for that possible mid term transfer.
  8. I like saving a scholarship for that possible mid term transfer.
  9. I like saving a scholarship for that possible mid term transfer.
  10. This is certainly not a big deal but it's unfortunate the camera angle shows the east seats where no one sits because of the sun. Looks like no one is there not a record crowd.
  11. Of course he did. None of the head coaches [Bill Self Bruce Pearl} are innocent.
  12. But if you live in an area that is likely to flood they won't sell it to u.
  13. Why is the fact that the world is warming politics ?
  14. Congratulations. I was wondering how long it would take for the first ridiculous denier to respond. I guess science makes you vomit.
  15. It actually amazes me at how good the industry is at managing risk even with all the natural disaster’s we are seeing due to global warming.
  16. Sorry it was at your expense but it was fun watching.
  17. I nominate Roy. He was great in the baseball bat spinning a few years ago.
  18. Glad you weren’t my high school English teacher.
  19. Wondered what those white papers were.
  20. Totally antidotal but I work with 2 people who are buying season tickets for the first time because they think we are going to be good.
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