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  1. Many university endowments have reported gains of 50% or more in the last year. Wash U reported a 65% gain. How did they do that? Private equity investments. I do agree that 25% would be good depending on their allocation of funds. My criticism would be what happened after the Tenent sale.
  2. Not very impressive. It was almost a billion back when they sold the hospital to Tenent.
  3. I wonder if 05 still wants to fire the coach ?
  4. From day one? No. Maybe by Christmas.
  5. Here again no idea but there could be lots of reasons. Estate planning-fear of Biden's tax proposals - the fact that they probably lost money last year-other investment opportunities. Roy is probably right. Waino contract.
  6. I have no idea whether it is true and hope that it's not but they could be negotiating for months.
  7. Cardinal press conference at 2. Maybe rumors are true.
  8. Grandy started. Jimmie Bell Started. It’s about minutes played.
  9. I don't buy the idea that TJ can cover a bigger guy or play the 5 on a smaller lineup. Unless his strength has improved dramatically he was manhandled on the block last year. He had trouble rebounding in a crowd do to lack of strength. Got his hands on a lot of balls he couldn't pull in. I also thought he was pretty good at chasing people on the wing.
  10. I don't have the numbers and am too lazy to try and look them up but I think the Cardinals have been on national TV a lot. I know in some years they have maxed out the number of games they can play on Sunday Night Baseball. There is a limit. By the way teams and players hate that Sunday night game especially if they have to travel.
  11. It’s x days before your first game. Varies between schools. You are allowed so many practices before that game so there is coaching discretion.
  12. No. It just mean he can go to training camp. He can still be cut but it is one more step forward.
  13. Does anyone have the logo or picture of Ekker's Billie Lou?
  14. I could still take a couple of those minutes.
  15. Put me in the camp that Bell played reasonably well for the minutes he got. Linssen just took his minutes. I think the coaches could have done a better job with his time. A little less French.
  16. I think this is a reasonable possibility. Would possibly explain the late transfer.
  17. I believe the window has closed where you can transfer and not have to sit out.
  18. I also agree. If he is our second leader scorer that means he is really good which also means we will be really good.
  19. This is a good lineup but I hope they can’t keep TJ out of starting.
  20. I think you are looking at this thru the eyes of someone who went to SLU in 68 not a kid of today. They could probably care less about soccer,mlb much less hockey. That said we have a lot to offer. Great facilities among them.
  21. I only heard a little of Tate with Frank. Tate said Nesbit was incredible in the full court. Dreams of Yuri on the break with Nesbit and TJ on the wings.
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