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  1. 3 hours ago, HoosierPal said:


    Article on Thatch's NIL efforts.

    I didn't think about it until I read it in this article, but Thatch is our elder statesman on this season's team.  He will be into his 4th season under scholarship.  He also leads the roster with 62 games played as a Billiken.

    And what is he still a fresham eligibility wise😇

  2. 1 hour ago, thetorch said:

    SOmething I've always wondered.  Why did the Big 12 allow itself to be the lowest of the BCS conferences and constantly get poached for teams?  Many years they could rival the SEC for football dominance and were certainly a better conference than the ACC and PAC 12.

    I hope the basketball only private schools are seriously considering a bi coastal super league at this point with a national broadcast deal.  It will be the only way they remain relevant.

    I would also like to see a super league but don’t agree that it’s necessary for the private schools to remain relevant. The Zags Nova Hoyas Blue Jays Flyers Bills Johnies Bull Dogs Gales will be relevant. 

  3. 54 minutes ago, billiken_roy said:

    unless it is a difference maker or unless it is a senior willing to be an enthusiastic practice player with a great attitude, i couldnt care less if we fill the spots this year.   Ford wont play them.  save them.   particularly with the new transfer rules.   when a player of substance becomes available, we want the ability to grab them and promise them time.   

    I am totally in agreement with this. As I have said before you need at least one for a midterm transfer. 

  4. 22 minutes ago, billiken_roy said:

    but sekeue was fast.   just fell a lot. 

    now there is a great "where is he now?" 

    My wife and I have stayed in touch with Rasheed Malik. Rasheed has stayed in touch with Larry Simmons and Sekeue. I believe they are all in the Houston area. Rasheed who lost his senior year to a heart condition is a school teacher. 

  5. 17 minutes ago, AnkielBreakers said:

    That is a little harsh. He averaged 27 pts on 61% shooting. That was the best in the NBA for anyone scoring over 20 pts. Giannis was next at 56%. Certainly, more rebounds, true, but it was Zion’s second year, right? Who else has done anything better than that in the NBA?

    That team should focus on getting more rebounding. Trade some players, or maybe draft the best rebounding combo guard of the last 20 years. Something. :)

    Sounds like they need Willie Reed. 

  6. 2 hours ago, 3star_recruit said:

    I believe there's a lot of truth in what you say.  I also believe, with the exception of Giannis, the peak years of the rising stars will not be as high as the Hall of Famers best years.  Too many physically brittle players.

    You sound like an old man saying back in my day things were always better. If anything the new players are too good. There is no such thing as a shot out of range. The skill level is incredible. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Dr. Holly Hills said:

    Great stuff! I listen the the morning after show.  But not a die hard.   Although, I have wondered if the wizard on this site is the same wizard Tim talks about on the show that makes a living on draft kings and sports gambling since both persons seem to be very numbers centric… 

    Not to speak for the Wiz but I believe he is involved in finance at a higher level. 

  8. 52 minutes ago, 3star_recruit said:

    You're not missing anything.  You either use the scholarship or lose it.  Even if his main job would be to match up against Okoro in practice, there's value in that.

    I am not sure where we will stand on available scholarships but I think you should always have one for the mid season transfer. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, DeSmetBilliken said:

    This has all the traits of recent SLU commitments (announcement on KSDK, plays for BBE, connection with Tate, etc), but I still didn’t truly expect him to commit to SLU. I just thought he’d follow his dad to Mizzou. 

    Sounds like a nice get for Team Blue!

    I am beating a dead horse here but the idea that kids follow their father to his school is vastly overdone on this board. 

  10. 7 minutes ago, bauman said:

    I am really kind of amazed that so few posters seem to acknowledge the pandora's box this is opening with regard to recruiting. 

    I'm an alum who owns a business.  I make it clear to local player "X's" agent that an endorsement deal for print, radio, and TV is likely if  "X" signs with a local area team (wink, wink) that a Google search will show I have a degree from.  The agent returns to me with a counter offer since State U. has a higher offer.  You don't think top players like T Reed is aware of all the above and looking to cash in as soon as possible.  Actually, large metro areas schools appear to me to have a tremendous advantage when going after local stars.  Just as an example, Reed would be able to cash in on his NIL more so in St. Louis than if he decided to go to e.g. Iowa or Okl. St.

    Actually, it's too bad that J. Good is  not returning to SLU since I think he could possibly make more if he was leading the Bills to a top 25 season.  Too bad this change didn't happen a year or two ago for him.  With all the car dealers in the metro area and Belleville eateries, he could have been driving some great dealer cars and eating great food with the NIL rules in place.

    If you don't think the Dukes, Michigans, Kentuckys, LSU and so on are going to abuse this, then I have some oceanfront property in Lesterville, MO I would be willing to sell you.  Lots of jobs are going to open up in Indy in the NCAA Enforcement Division.


    I think you are dead on. The potential recruiting abuses could be huge. 

  11. 19 minutes ago, Taj79 said:

    @willie --- we shall see.  SLU basketball can't carry the notoriety of front page stories in the Post-Dispatch.  I just don't see it.  

    First I think the novelty of it will be there at the start. I don’t see big deals but small ones. A Bobby McCormick who advertises his basketball camps on radio using a Billiken player. A workout center using a player. A farmers market trying to drum up business. An injury center talking about rehab. A basketball hoop company. Small creative things. 

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