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  1. Ford over the Bills by 2

    Fordham will never be ranked 8th in the country. We don't need a big name to turn things around, we need a big name to get beyond the mediocrity we are not even at now.
  2. 2015-2016 Prediction Thread

    This one's looking pretty accurate right now.
  3. The lure of Duke and UK

    How about just ignoring it instead of being a miserable prick.
  4. TOP 25 / 6 questions

    Was this posted in 2014?
  5. Louisville by 11 over the Bills

    ESPN radio earlier today called this the Rout of the Day with a win by "20 points or more..." but they didn't say which team so I imagine they were talking SLU margin of victory. Go Bills!
  6. March Madness if it was the BCS

    God that would be such a bad ending for a college basketball season.
  7. VCU Johnson ACL

    Props to VCU fans for making Dayton fans look good this year. That's the real accomplishment for 2014. At least Dayton fans go home after the games.
  8. GDT: Beat Gimmick Round Two

    3rd place team fan, go troll the St. Joe's board first.
  9. GDT: Beat Gimmick Round Two

    A real bronze medal moment there. Congrats to the 3rd place A10 team on a block. Here's some gold:
  10. GDT: Beat Gimmick Round Two

    Spend all night trolling billikens.com trying to get people riled up... now you find the 'homerism' absurd? See you in Brooklyn.
  11. GDT: Beat Gimmick Round Two

    3rd place A10 team, i would hardly call your SOS mighty. Congrats on winning a game you were supposed to, is there a webcam somewhere I can see the how the parade is going on the streets of Richmond?
  12. GDT: Beat Gimmick Round Two

    lol @ 3rd place VCU fans still trolling our boards gloating like they just won the title
  13. I was hoping to meet this team in the tourney but we'll likely be playing in different ones come March. Tired of hearing MU's reasons for not doing this, it really comes down to their reluctance to play tough away games year after year. It's weak and I'd rather see SLU set up some regional rivalries with Memphis, Kansas, Kstate, Illinois, Butler, X etc...