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  1. OK relax a little bit. I initially thought a midnight madness game would be a waste. But upon further consideration I believe it would be a fun event to give fans a little excitement so start the season. We are not a UK or KU program but that doesn't mean we can't have a scrimmage. Getting to see these players we have talked about for quite some time now would be fun to see and at no detriment to the program.
  2. We never heckled you because you were part of Blue Crew. It was because you tried to run EVERYTHING on your own. We are all for one, not one for all!
  3. Obviously Duke. I know we are in the same state as Mizzou but I don't understand your fetish with them. Maybe if I was from the state I'd understand it.
  4. I think John Daly is wearing these for the PGA later this month.
  5. I agree. We should bring back the original fight song. It would sound a lot more authentic than Saints Go Marching In IMO.
  6. This was the original Billiken fight song. It was started in the 1920's and was played during every Billiken football game. From what I was told, it was eventually played at basketball games during Easy Ed Macauley's days. Not too sure when the officially retired it though.
  7. Sweet bro. I was at the Best Buy in Chicago and saw Kanye. We are soooooo cool.
  8. It's women's softball. Who cares.
  9. Yes same ankle.
  10. My favorite game by far was the Xavier game at the Cintas Center in 09. Even though we got blown out, the 5 of us sat right behind the Billiken bench. Not only were we able to listen to all of Rick's comments throughout the game, the 5 of us we able to piss off the whole Xavier student sections. Just another reason why the Billikens fans are becoming the best in the A10: that kind of thing would never happen at the Chaifetz. Looking forward to next season and hopefully I can watch all the games online or on TV from back home.
  11. I like where you are heading with this, however, I think it is very unlikely we would join the Big East. RM already has commented about how he doesn't like traveling. This would be more traveling than before. Staying in the A10 or moving to the Valley seems more likely.
  12. No way in hell did Rick turn down the NIT for the CBI. Absolutely wrong analysis. Yes, the players have missed lots of class. However, Rick wouldn't turn down the NIT for only a few more missed days of class.
  13. I was at both games. The ISU game we had to play the whole first half without Kwamain and we didn't hit a single 3 until the last few minutes of the game. With CE in the lineup I'm sure that wouldn't have been an issue. Both games we had huge scoring droughts the first 7 minutes of the second half that sunk our chances. By the way UIC's gym sucked. I'm glad we play at the Chaifetz and not a dump like that.