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  1. I am just hoping the delay in the official signing/anouncement was so he could contact current recruits without legal worries. The big man was released from his LOI today if I am not mistaken. Maybe an official announcement would have added SLU to his excluded list of schools to transfer. I somewhat hoped the delay was longer. Then again with Jolly gettinf older we probably don't need a 4 star big man.
  2. I almost added 'not surprisingly' when I initially posted it.
  3. BWeixlmann (formerly of HTB) just tweeted ET is transferring. Looks like a scholarship is opening up. Hopefully it does not hurt the APR.
  4. Not sure about other conferences, but the A-10 did not fare well. Umass beat Miss. St. All other A-10 teams lost in the 1st round of the NIT. LaSalle lost to Minnesota and Dayton lost to Iowa. St. Joseph lost to N. Iowa.
  5. I would hope with some SLU success and a conference rivalry with Butler, STL players would look at Butler similar to MU fans/players look at Kansas. I Success should help with recruiting good local players.
  6. I actually lost my tickets yesterday and someone was nice enough to give me an extra one. After my wife waited in the season ticket holder line and got ours reprinted, I gave the free one to some young kid. A friend who had not been to a game was amazed anyone would give a ticket away to a stranger for free.
  7. Anyone notice Majerus' hand on forehead after DE took that last 3.
  8. The unselfish play seems to have been forgotten. It seems we think we can take these guys 1 on 1, so that is all we are trying.
  9. I was wondering if Metz was so depressed when he saw HTB had moved to FoxSports Midwest he swore off Billiken basketball. After constantly complaining about their lack of credentials the move was too much for him too take. Then again since they are related to Fox News perhaps he was correct to question their credibility. All joking aside HTB, did a great job and filled a void for diehard Billiken fans.
  10. I know the team's coverage is not great. Also the school may not announce it, but it would seem reasonable for the Post-Dispatch to mention it.
  11. Has there been any definite confirmation yet?
  12. When I was a younger man, there were a few mornings I woke up and felt an unattractive chick took advantage of my excessive drinking. I harbor no ill will. As for running a train... I never had the opportunity, but if I could have been first I would have jumped at the chance.
  13. Wow! the Saintsations remind of Jenn Sterger and her crew at at FSU.
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