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  1. What if Femi was healthy?

    Are you kidding me? They miss Femi's shot???? He is shooting 34% from the floor and 28% from 3 this year. That's no good at all. Plus the man is basically playing on 1 leg. I love his attitude and hope he comes back stronger than ever next year and contributes. But to think that he would have done any better than Cassity is simply insane IMO. Cassity played his heart out guarding Crawford and there comes a time when you just need to give the player his due - Crawford is a legitimate player and NBA prospect! I do agree that his D is better than Jordan's though. JJ needs to improve his D this summer.
  2. Anyone regret the lack of a coach's show?

    I don't think anyone declared this the greatest Billiken season ever. The Bills are finally winning and there is genuine excitement in the air. Why do we still need to bring up this stupid radio show garbage. Who cares about radio!!! Like someone else said - it is radio folks and who really listens. I like W's, exciting games, and watching talented kids play their hearts out and could care less about what coach says. Porter is doing just fine and he will be our coach in a few years anyway. And one more thing - why do posters on this board continue to bring up ancient coaches and things that happened in the past? Give me a break and quit living in the past people. You need to let it go and deal with what’s at hand now and stop making comparisons. It's getting old!!!!
  3. Just back from the game!

    No excuses to shoot 8 / 17 from the free throw line. That is simply embarassing!!! It doesn't matter how old you are: you make free throws on your home court. There are simply no distractions. I do like the talent on this team and think they can be special but there comes a times when you have to criticize a team on certain aspects of play and free throws is one area in which the team sucks at!!!!! Plain and simple this game should have been over at the 10 minute mark in the second half last night.
  4. now rickma does interview with the duquesne beat writer

    Roar, Well said! If we really want a winning program then we need to take the good with the bad. And to all of you losers out there who want Rick to be some kind of person he isn't: I hate to break the news to you - he won't!!!! He has always done things his way and will continue to. So shut up and live with it!! Too many St. Louisians feelings are hurt when things don't go their way. GROW UP!!!!!
  5. New Seats

    Larry the Legend is in Section 111 Row V seats 10 and 11 Good game last night. I like the freshman. Could be an up and down season though with that many freshman.
  6. Season reflections

    Yeah, grading the players and the coaching staff is purely subjective. I would simply give the season a C. Just barely above average and a bit below expectations from the start. I agree that coming off a 20 win season, many expected a little more or about the same. However, we need to remember that RM brought in basically a whole new coaching staff and a totally different philosophy. So with that said, this season was all about RM getting acclimated back into CBB life. The next few years will tell if he really can bring SLU to the promise land!! I do feel bad for the seniors as they were put in a tough situation with a new coach and new system. Oh, BH and DP a B-? You have got to be kidding me!!! I would give Bryce a C- simply for his presence around the basket and ability to block shots. Too slow and no offense. Dwayne gets a D+. Yes, great hustle and decent ball handling skills but no offense whatsoever and marginal defense! Teams dared him to shoot and he never did. Disappointing that his shot got worse over a 4 yr. period.
  7. rickma on with slaten now

    Agreed Roy. DB's knee was shot and that is why it took him so long to get back into rhythm. Not his lack of defense and don't blamn Majerus for the reason why he came around so late this season. A shot knee to a basketball player is the kiss of death. Especially for a shooter. Look at what happened to Bill Walton. Great college basketball player but not as good in the NBA. His knees went south. Don't even start to blame RM for this, that just makes me mad. RM worked hard with what he had and like someone said earlier, he has only been on the job for 11 months after sitting out for a couple of years. Next year will be the true marking of what RM can do at SLU. I think everyone will expect more than 16 wins, even RM. Looking forward to a fresh start at the Chaifetz.
  8. Sodaburger to Mo State?

    Could be a possibility since Kramer stated that he would love to play for his Dad. This would be a package deal and could be good leverage for Kramer if Hinson were to be fired. However, I still cannot fathom MO St. firing Hinson after one bad year in the last several seasons. Yes, I for one was a Brad basher and would hate losing to him. He does know the area well but as far as his recruiting abilities go, I would not even be scared a bit with him going up against Majerus. Big Rick would destroy Brad in the recruiting battle. In addition, BS was never a good recruiter to begin with.... at least during his time at SLU. Yes, he did land KL and TL but surrounding them with mediocre players did not work out.
  9. Majerus Starts the Seniors Tomorrow, Right?

    Board, I really don't know why we are really fighting about this... unfortunately I agree with most posters that Peyton should not and will not start. In addition, I thought he was only a Junior. I know he won't be back next year anyway so I guess that is why we are saying he is a senior? It really doesn't matter because he won't start. The only true senior bench player that should start would be DB. Starting lineup should be: 1. DP 2. KL 3. DB 4. LM 5. BH Now why are we still trying to figure this out. I sure hope the seniors get a good round of applause. I sure will be standing to cheer for all of them. I am going to miss LM and DB. If not for injuries and coaching changes, I think DB could have developed into a solid all-around player.
  10. Could we be a bubble team

    and the BC and Dayton loss and the Kent St. debacle... bad losses. However, they were a bit early in the season and this team and become a much better team as of late. I do agree with those key wins and I should probably take back my comment about SLU having few, if any, key wins.
  11. Could we be a bubble team

    Even with a finish of 21-13 or somewhere near there, I just don't think SLU's RPI and strength of schedule would put them anywhere near a bubble team. Plus, they would really have few, if any, quality wins and they are bad on the road. However, how about an NIT invitation and a chance to play a home game at the Chaifetz? Not really out of the question. I guess you would need to see if the Arena would even be ready to host a basketball game. However, they have events planned for April and it was supposed to be open in early March. Wouldn't that be something if SLU played an NIT game at the Chaifetz? Sorta like a "soft" home opener...
  12. Knollmeyer and the Future

    I think AK's play has been commendable lately. He is spelling minutes for BH and BE and that's his role right now. I do agree that he will be around next year but his playing time with depend on how good the incoming Freshmen are. I like his attitude and he does not get pushed around inside. His quickness, lack of a shot and decision making ability are what might keep him from moving any higher in Majerus' lineup next year.
  13. Great game

    Agreed. However, I really think SLU just burst their bubble last night. No excuses to lose to a team at home that is not good on the road. The Selection Committee will frown upon this for St. Joe's. This may open it up to a different third team for the A-10. I still think the A-10 gets 3 in the Big Dance - Xavier, Rhode Island and now maybe UMASS. However, if someone else wins the tourney, someone could get bumped.
  14. Danny Brown Dunk Youtube Video

    I don't know if it was Hubert Davis that made that loud noise, but someone did right after Brown's dunk. It was probably the guy holding the camera. There was someone gasping in the background. Would not have been surprised if it was Davis. Once again, great game. Hope to see a good crowd Saturday.
  15. Great game

    Nashville, I think every team that gets in has a shot in AC. The conference is so up in the air right now, it's sick. On any given night, SLU can hang with any team in the A-10. They showed they can play against the big boys like Xavier, Dayton, UMASS, St. Joes, and even the second place team right now, Richmond (how in the world is that possible). I am looking forward to an exciting tourney in AC.