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  1. The only way UMass gets an invite to the AAC is if UConn finds a new home. UConn will not allow an invite to UMass as long as it is a member. The problem for UMass however is the AAC is far less attractive an option if there is no UConn. The closest schools would be Temple, East Carolina, and Cincinnati (who want out bad). Most of the AAC is in the region bounded by NC, FL, OK and TX. It would be very expensive travel wise for the non revenue sports of UMass and the league would not be a power in either of the two high profile sports of football and hoops. Losing Louisville was a big blow on two fronts and losing UConn or Cincinnati down the road would be another massive hit. Current AAC members UConn Temple Cincinnati ECU USF UCF Tulane Memphis Houston SMU Tulsa Navy (football only)
  2. Providence doesn't field a team in America's pastime as it has no baseball team. No football as well. They do however play that most Canadian sport, hockey, as they have both men's and women's D1 teams.
  3. Conference Schedule

    The eastern most A-10 member, Rhode Island, loves to play the western most members (SLU and Dayton). Perhaps it will be one of the home and homes.
  4. Weather

    They might want to stay away from certain seafood such as Upper Narragansettt Bay quahogs.
  5. Weather

    They are probably landing at TF Green in Warwick which is the commericial Providence airport. Depending on their charter plane, Newport might be too small. Other possibility is to land at Quonset (was formerly the airfield for Navy Aircraft Carrier base pre 1973). Quonset, located in North Kingstown. is in the next town over from the URI campus.
  6. Weather

    They won't have an issue landing in RI today. A warm front with rain came through last night into today. Temps went from below freezing to near 60. Your Sunday/Monday temps are then expected to move in tomorrow for several days of severe cold. Don't know where SLU is staying. They could have issues if they stay in Newport, as many opponents do, as they have to cross two long bridges (each approx 2miles long) to get across Narragansett Bay to the URI campus in Kingston. The bridges sometimes have restrictions with high winds and severe cold. If they stay near the airport or campus, there should be no weather travel issues as no precip is expected later this week.
  7. Rhode Island Loses Hare

    Jordan tweeted the following today: Tough week for me. Taking care of my Family and Academic Responsibilities. Looking forward to reuniting with my team. https://twitter.com/HareJordan4/status/397479094503235584 The possibility of him returning (at least in his view) is still out there. It however is a very fluid situation and nothing is certain at this point.
  8. Rhode Island Loses Hare

    Hare actually committed to URI when Baron was still head coach. Hurley just had to keep him in the fold. Hare has lots of potential and has shown flashes but his work ethic and focus (has personal off court issues) have been issues. He supposedly played well on trip to Italy and many thought was much improved from last year. Not a great way for Rhody to start off its season. Makes you wonder what URI could have been if Holton and Hare didn't have problems and had stayed in Kingston.
  9. OT CARDINALS!!!!!!!!

    Here is some more perspective for you. How many of the teams you list ahead of the Red Sox were in the same division/league as the perrenial WS Champion New York Yankees for the last 100 years directly fighting them for a playoff berth? How many regular season games do they play vs the NYY every year (which in turn factors into the sos and record).
  10. Ackerman/Big East Today

    Per ESPN's Andy Katz: New Big East commissioner Val Ackerman said the conference is set at 10. If this conference is going to be all about basketball then 10 is the magic number. The Big 12 is finding out what the Pac-12 (then the Pac-10) knew for years. Having a true round-robin makes for the most equitable conference season and ultimate champion. The new Big East doesn't need anymore of the A-10 schools to be solvent. They have enough of the market place and would not benefit much from adding more schools simply to get more teams in the tournament. There is not even guarantee that would occur. The most pressing moves Ackerman has to do in the coming weeks -- outside of visiting every school -- is to hire a staff, find rental space in New York City and finalize a difficult schedule because of the pro-arena conflicts for many of the teams. http://espn.go.com/blog/collegebasketballnation/post/_/id/85875/3-point-shot-10-is-right-for-new-big-east
  11. Mid-Major?

    The new Catholic Big East is also being called mid-major by sports media.
  12. Ideal A10

    Forget Amherst. UMASS will be playing all its "home" football games for the next few years at the NE Patriots Gillette Stadium, It is located some 90-100 miles from the UMass campus in Amherst and is about a 2hr drive.
  13. SLU Baseball

    You are correct. The Fordham Football Stadium only has seating on one sideline as the baseball outfield encompasses most of the football playing field. Being in such a densely populated city like NYC, land is a scarce resource. Go to Google maps and search on Jack Coffey Field Bronx, NY in sattelite mode and you can see the configuarion https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en
  14. As someone living in the east, believ me when I say Robbin's article has little merit. There is no way that schools such as UNH and Richmond are looking to go FBS/1A in football. Neither school has the facilities nor will for such a move. UNH also doesn't have the financial resources to ever consider such a move. Robbins musings are a pipedream. There are only a few eastern teams that could realitically consider a move up - Old Dominion, James Madison, and Delaware. They are not enough to start their own league.
  15. These OOC Tournaments often times never deliver the initial promise. Just hope that they don't have to try to fill out the field late with a non D1 school (this happens more than you would think. At any rate, any potential game with Kansas is good. While it is in their backyard, it is not too bad for SLU as you will probably be the next most respesented school fan wise. Rhode Island will be in a similar format tournament next season as it will participate in the Naismith Hall of Fame Tournament. It will be one of the four hosts along with Ohio State, Washington, and Seton Hall. The other teams are Loyola University Maryland (MAAC), Norfolk State University (MEAC), University of Albany (America East), University of Missouri-Kansas City (Summit League). URI will host two of the four non-hosts and then meet two of the hosts at the neutral site Mohegan Sun Arena which is just 30 miles from the URI campus. Early word is that URI will play its first game at the Sun against Ohio State. http://www.hoophall....for-2012-t.html