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  1. TV for Friday!!!

    Anyone know where I can catch the game on the west coast (LA)?
  2. Dick Vitale weighs in

    I rarely post (it's probably been at least 2 years) but read quite often as I'm a dedicated fan since the mid 80's. I live in Los Angeles (10 yrs running) and still follow Billiken basketball quite religiously. For what it's worth, as a committed fan who cares about the Billiken basketball basketball program 1st, and Majerus 2nd...a move to the MVC would be a step back, not forward. The A-10 provides offers a better platform for growth. Majerus will be around for the short term. A move to the MVC pigeonholes our program more so than A-10. Not to discredit the sentiments felt by but Dick V., Miklasz, and even Majerus but they do not share with SIMILAR emotion like us die-hard fans. It seems pretty clear to me that the vast majority of fans whose heart and soul are tied into Billiken basketball do not want a move to the MVC. My gut says Biondi and May feel the same way. I think thats why I find comments like what Dick V., even Majerus disturbing and frankly pisses me off a little. It's not that they don't "care", it's that they don't "care" enough about the long-term strategy after they're gone. That's just how I feel. I don't have any well-thought arguments...just a feeling that the majority of fans who are the most dedicated seem to feel the same way I do. Maybe others who propose this move to the MVC should really think long and hard WHY we feel so strongly about staying put. Afterall, we'r not moving. They're the ones who will have to deal with it, not the rest of us. Just my two cents.
  3. Recruiting to SLU today

    insightful post. really enjoyed your analysis.
  4. Oh well, we still have a coach by the name of RICK MAJERUS.

    Is it me or does anyone else think this family is great!?!?
  6. So the A-10 may get 3 in

    Just watching ESPN and a basketball analyst (forgot name) just mentioned that St. Joe's is in regardless if they lose to Temple or not.
  7. Top Billikens of Past 25 Years

    monroe douglas
  8. Video for tomorrow

  9. Temple at SLU GDT and Postgame Discussion

    The TV announcer just referred to TL as an All-American candidate.
  10. 8,251

    A SLU move to the MVC IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN people. I wish that topic would go away. From an avid reader's perspective (as that's mainly my relationship to this board as I rarely post), nothing irks me more than hearing tired pro-MVC arguments. Whether you (collective you) like it or not, SLU has decided to give our program the best opportunity for future growth into a major program. It may not happen for 10 years, however, when/if it does happen, a large part will be because we have decided to not move to the MVC. And why do I get the feeling that our pro-MVC SLU fans become short-sighted when it comes to "dreaming bigger." Do you feel that defeated and harbor pessimistic emotions towards our BBall program? Sure comes off that way, at least to me.... My tired 2 cents...
  11. Official Game Thread: URI v. SLU

    What is up w/ the freagin' online TV feed!
  12. SLU vs. SIUC at the Kiel, 1991

    Haha, great stuff. Was that Ed Hightower officiating?!?! Don't make officials in his mold anymore.
  13. KSDK Highlights of Femi John from last night

    looks smooth...
  14. Official Game Thread: SLU v. Kent State

    Polk shooting threes.......great.
  15. C'mon...no Gametracker???

    Great, thanks man. Had to figure out had to turn off their fight song. All good to go.