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  1. What is MCC?? I thought the league was folded into the Great Midwest the forerunner to CUSA a few years back>
  2. favorite bills game ever

    I believe that the opposing team was SIU
  3. Message for Cheeseman

    Davidnark: There is a train of thought that the offices should be at WPG so the coaches have daily contact with the student body and the student athletes. The current offices would be expanded and remodeled. It does not make a whole lot of sense.
  4. Joe Wiley

    Jumpin Joe graduated in June 1970. I believe the Pfizer plant that he is referring to is across from the Jackie Joyner complex in ESL
  5. Isn't it time

    How do we make a contribution
  6. Obi Ikeakor, the X-Factor

    A school has to be careful for the player cannot play in exhibition games. I believe it was eight or ten years ago when I believe Spoon put a kid in an exhibition game, thinking he could still be redshirted. I forgot the player's name.
  7. Back from vacationing in Sunny Isles. The Miami Herald ran for three or four days, columns about this AAU tournament. The first day was as a lead on page one (never would happen with the STLPD) It would give scores of games and individual achievements. One day there was three or four paragraphs that was devoted to Weber looking at a recruit from Indianapolis (I believe that the player's name was Gordon). Also the Herald mentioned that approximately 200 college coaches were in attendance. On Saturday 7/17 ran into four or five teams dining (Mangoes) in South Beach. Based on what the players were wearing the teams were from Indiana Iowa Oregon. Does anyone know if Coach Soderberg was at this tournament? It appears to be a national tournament that attracts a number of high profile coaches. I hope his staff attends tournaments such as this to search for potentional recruits
  8. OK Soccer Buffs...

    Let's not forget some of the Public School players. IE Daddo, Gabel etc. SCHAZ: In St Louis, Club Ball is the dominate force. There are three highly competitive Clubs in St Louis - Busch - now st louis soccer club - Gallagher and Lou Fusz (in alpha order). Every year each club will send players to division I. Whereas in Tampa as in most communities there generally is only one strong club ( ie Magic in Chicago) Daddo was possibly the best player in St Louis HS (a member of the U18 national champs) -- I'm not sure why he did not make Parade HS All-American - except that he graduated at the end of the fall semester - and enrolled at SLU (per a busch player).
  9. Arena Updates?

    Capps Family and the Bidwell Family Foundation are possible donors.
  10. Unfortunately was in the City last week. Colleague pointed out a piece in the Newark Star-Ledger College Basketball Review. Under the heading of programs in decline >"St Louis won 19 games last year, it may lose 20 this season." Hopefully the ship has been stabilized and SLU can prove that the above was slanderous.
  11. Grumble, Grumble, Grumble

    The truth can be painful. I am a longtime ticket holder dating back to the Polk era; and I am fed up with the Uncle Brad routine. He should admit that he has made mistakes that will be corrected. I would give him one more year to improve the product -- or its adios amigo.
  12. Jumping Ship

    Oh Bring back the good days of Ekker. This team is just plain terrible
  13. Husack and Clarke

    Let's get real. If Ahearn was wearing Billiken Blue next year, Ahearn would be getting the minutes and Lisch would be sitting. Kevin is a good player but is not an impact player.
  14. This team lacks heart. Sodaberg is now too comffy with his contract extension. Why not put Bryce in to alter the final shots of the Rainbow? JJ should play more -- he has an attitude that this team is missing. Not sure that the recruits coming in next season will make a difference.
  15. Soccer update

    Daddo is an attacking midfielder and not a pure striker. Daddo has great skills but he is not a Vedad. Strikers like Vedad only come around once in a blue moon. Daddo will help the team but will not be a cure for the lack of offensive firepower.