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Playing Time

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It is really slow around here. I can only read and speculate so much about Ricky Clemmons, SLU soccer and Baby Blues.

There are a couple of questions that I have that I wonder what people are thinking.

1. How much will Ross Varner play this year. I guess I see Varner getting at least his 10 minutes from last year and maybe more up to 15 minutes. It will depend on him hitting his outside shots primarily, but also on how ready JJ and Ian are for playing time. I think Varner could get some minutes behind Frericks especially early in the year against smaller non-conference teams. Also Varner is a senior and while I doubt he will be a captain, I do think he could have a good last season. Also I don't remember hearing about Varner playing this summer--was he out of town?

2. How much will Floyd McClain play this year. Last year there were some of us who were speculating that McClain could be a key to the season(I was one of them). He would have been our 3 that we needed badly. Drejaj wouldn't have been forced into so many minutes and maybe this team wouldn't have had their moments where they were only looking for Perry to score. I certainly not saying this year McClain is a key but rather just kind of hoping he can contribute. I guess if he plays I see him as Sloan's primary backup. I do remember reading he was playing this summer so maybe he will be a contributor.

3. If McClain looks and plays healthy this fall, do we redshirt a guard along w/ Husak. Clarke could be squeezed for minutes this year if McClain is playing, but I haven't heard any comments like Husak had where he stated he was open to redshirting if the coaching staff thought that was best.

4. Brad said when first hired, I believe, that he likes to only play around 8 maybe 9 in the rotation. By the end of the season last year there were really on 7 w/ Braun and Varner getting very little or no playing time. This year there will be at least 11 players going for playing time(12 if Clarke doesn't redshirt). It will be interesting to see how Brad keeps them all happy with their playing time, especially if Varner and McClain play well enough to force their playing time.

Just some thoughts I have had on BB. Can't wait for the season to get started.

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Varner doesn't even play pick up games anymore. I'd be shocked if he gets more than mop up duty this year.

McClain hasn't shown that he can get through a week of practice without breaking down. I commend the young man for sticking to his studies but I believe his college basketball career is over.

So that leaves a nine man rotation of:










I'll go out on a limb and say Clarke will beat out Drejaj by the end of the year.

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>>I'll go out on a limb and say Clarke will beat out Drejaj by the end of the year.<<

We know coach gives PT to those who play defense. I can see a point of view that Clarke will eventually develop into a better offensive player than Drejaj; however, do you think that Darren will be able to play defense on a par with Drejaj? If so, I am very excited to see Clarke in a Billiken Uni as I have respect Drejaj's defensive game.

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Varner will get only get mop up time. He does have some use though, he can come in late in halves or games as a tall 3 point shooter to match up on defense. That is about all he is good for though. We will have a bad season if he is seeing ten minutes a game.

I will have to wait to see McClain, how good of shape he is in before I comment. Right now I am not expecting anything from him, but he could be a small contributor if everything goes right.

I see Clarke and possibly Morris as the odd man out in the rotation. Clarke will have to be very good to beat out drejaj, and though Brad says Morris is a good pg, he could be another marcus jones.

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I think early in the season, Varner may have a larger role while Ian, JJ and Frericks get up to speed in the system. I am not talking a lot of minutes, but in the 4-5 spots rotation. If he plays well then maybe earning more time. I guess I am just hoping for him to step up some as a senior.

As far as McClain, I agree until we actually see that he is healthy and can stay that way we don't know if he will contribute or not. I am hoping he can play a role on this team.

I don't know anything about Clarke other than what people here have been saying, but I think it will be hard to take playing time from AD. He averaged almost 26 minutes last year, which was too many for him as a freshman, but with this year under his belt may be about right. AD brought tough D and some ability to drive as well as a good shot. If Clarke can beat out AD sometime this season, then Clarke should be a pretty special player.

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Wild guess at minutes breakdown:

Fisher 30

Bryant 32

Ohanon 26

Sloan 26

Frericks 28

Morris 16

Drejaj 16

JJ 12

Vouyoukas 14

I know it seems like I'm picking on Drejaj but here's my reasoning. I'm assuming that Fish is ready to step up this year and will be the starter at the point and spot Ohanon at the 3. Also, Brad specifically signed Morris to play point. Therefore Drejaj will get the his minutes at the 2. But Reggie Bryant is the heir apparent to Marque at the 2 so Drejaj will get backup minutes. Drejaj should pick up a few more minutes at the 2 when Bryant slides over to the 3 in three-guard sets. But that still doesn't amount to more than 15-16 min total, IMO.

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i'm not arguing with you on your reasoning 3-star. but i want to mention that drejaj seems to be one of these kids that doesnt give in or let anyone push him to the side. sloan is one. redden was another. they just kept plugging and eventually won their just due.

drejaj has skills imo. he handles the ball fine, and his shot is mechanically correct. imo if he improves his leg strength and endurance, his completion percentage will rise and drejaj will be extremely valuable.

last input on your minutes guess. all we have heard on brandon morris for about 8 months now is what a slick point guard he is and fine floor general. i think based on comments from the coaches over the last 8 months, morris is regarded as the jewel of the recruiting class (bryant not included).

personally i think we have quite the logjam at the wing and point spots. especially if clarke turns out to be a very crediable and deserving minutes player and miraculously floyd is able to contribute. i wont even consider guessing playing time at this time.

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Roy I would agree with you on Drejaj. His shooting was much better than I expected. I recall Highmark and Claggs being pretty streeky thier first season, and I would not be surprised to see drejaj develop into a 40+ % shooter from behind the arc. His tenacity will keep him competing for a starting job all year. Hopefully his tenacity rubs off clark and morris forcing them to play at a higher level as well.

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Claggs and highmark, were 33% and 37% respectively their first year. Claggs jumped to 45% in his second year and hishmark eventually climbed to 41% in his third year. In perspective drejaj was a pretty darn good player for a freshman. The question is does he have the talent to improve year by year?

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a player like drejaj is great to have in the program. his tenacity, toughness and talent warrants minutes on the court. he will also dictate minutes for others in practice, especially someone with the talent is clarke as a freshman. he will either get punked by drejaj or get in the money for minutes.

drejaj is going to fight (and i mean literally fight, for those who have been to practice). those who are a threat. that's just the way he is.

regardless of how many minutes he plays, you can count on drejaj as a solid and productive guard in your rotation. if he continues to get better, then that's even better for us in the backcourt with fish and bryant. the kid is a tireless worker.

bad boyz for life

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