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to summarize...Katz thinks it is a foregone conclusion that Louisville will go to the Big East but Marquette and Xavier might not be invited. At the very end he says the WAC is expected to invite Tulane, TCU and Houston. He also said the CUSa commish was in Central america this past week. (So much for the theory he was hard at work behind the scenes.)

My view...if this comes to play it would be pretty good SLU. While losing Louisville hurts, losing Houston, Tulane and TCU would be great. We'd be back to a 10 team conference that plays some pretty decent ball.

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and with only ten teams be in great position to add real schools from other conferences that would really be good for the conference, not the middle tennessee states that louisville and memphis used to dream of recruiting for the conference.

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What is Banowsky running guns or something? Why would he be going to central america especially when the fate of his conference is hanging in the balance.

Maybe Costa Rica U has an up and coming football squad.

CUSA just becomes worse and worse. The Horizon looks better and better, and it pains me to say that.

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From the tone in your posts over the last month or two, it appears as though you are one of this message boards' biggest fans of CUSA. What do you like about CUSA? (I am not try to flame you; I am asking a legitimate question.)

I am of the opinion that CUSA has few, if any, redeeming qualities. First, with the exception of Marquette, SLU, and maybe DePaul, the CUSA schools are below average D1 academic institutions. Second, with the exception of SLU and Marquette, every CUSA school is a commuter school with few out-of-town students (for those of you that would include SLU in this category, the majority of SLU students are now from outside of the metro area and most SLU underclassmen now live on campus). Third, with the exception of Cincy, Marquette, SLU, and Louisville, attendance is terrible and there is little collegiate atmosphere at home games. Fourth, CUSA has few historic rivalries and has failed to develop many strong rivalries during its existence. Fifth, CUSA is geographically spread out in a meaningless and unwieldy manner. Sixth, CUSA is plagued by schools with little to offer outside of hosting below average D1 football programs (e.g., Southern Miss., South Florida, UAB, etc.). Seventh, CUSA's programs have very little in common philosophically.

What started with a good concept with the Great Midwest (i.e., build a conference with the D1 programs in the largest Midwest TV markets) has involved into the college sports version of the land of the misfits. The only redeeming quality about CUSA is the relationship between SLU, Marquette, and DePaul. If that relationship is destroyed, then we need to look elsewhere.

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I don't see CUSA remaining together because I don't think any school is really happy in the league. The football/basketball schools like Cincinnati, Louisville, Memphis want to move to big time conferences like BE, ACC, SEC, etc. The basketball only schools like SLU, MU, and DePaul don't like that football has become the main sport in the conference and want to get to a better basketball only conference. The Texas schools are here only because they had to be somewhere and when CUSA falls they will find another conference. The UAB, S Florida, S Miss, Tulane type schools all want to make money at football and need to stay in a conference where football is the main sport. I could see CUSA become/stay as a minor football and basketball conference.

S Florida

S Miss



E Carolina



Memphis(or Cincinnati or Louisville--whichever one gets left out).

Again looking at this list of teams, why would DePaul, SLU or Marquette want to be in this league?

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actually i am not a fan of conference usa. however i am a fan of father biondi and his business prowess. therefore i refuse to believe that the good father would let the league take a dive. i believe he will lead an effort to use this opportunity to better the league if that is what he wants. he will not let the billikens regress in status. if the good father wants the papal league, he will make that happen, but to be honest, a revamped c-usa where the bottom feeders are booted out and replaced with select echelon big east teams might actually be a higher acclaimed league.

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