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RIP Glen Mankowski


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In today's Post Dispatch obit was Glen Mankowski.  Most on the board won't remember him.  My first memories of Billiken bball were listening to Harry Carey do Billiken basketball on KMOX. Gen Mankowski, Bob Nordmann, Bob Ferry were some of the names I recall.  I also recall Oscar Roberston putting up something like 50 against us.  I didn't realize that there was a Catholic All American team and Glen was on it.  RIP Glen Mankowski.

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The 60-61 team was one of the best teams we've ever had.  Beat 4th ranked Bradley and Chet Walker in the season finale and finally lost to Providence in the NIT finals.  Bradley turned down an NIT bid after we beat them, and the MVC champion Cincinnati beat Ohio St for the National Championship that year.  What a great conference that was.  SLU was ranked as high as 8th that season but we had multiple injuries in mid season.  We came back to win 6 of our last 7 games, 4 of those on the road to secure an NIT berth.

Mankowski was a shifty 6'3 guard.  Not a skilled shooter, but known as one of the best defensive guards in the country.  He was also the first SLU guard to regularly dunk the ball on fast breaks.  If they kept steals as a stat he would probably have the Billikens single season record.  Most newspaper accounts attribute at least 3 or 4 to him every game.

Besides being on the Catholic All America Glen was a 1st team All MVC player, and SLU MVP for 60-61. 

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