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SLU starting 5 next year?

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My money is on






With Glaze and Lancona coming off the bench for the frontcourt and Roby/Bartley/Reynolds giving spells for the backcourt...I am starting to like it more and more

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Agree ----- AM, AY, MC, GG, JM. All know the system including AY with a year of practicing with the team. Can see TL and RA make major contributions since it remains to be seen if GG and JM can be be more than 20 minute a game players.

Lastly, obviously SLU needs two of our big freshman guards step up or one of them and our last recruit (hopefully a JC or prep school "3") to fill out the nine man rotation.

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Either way some new faces, a few old faces, but lots of new opportunities for SLU. Funny how this 2013-2014 team is one of the best in the country when many wrote them off the languish in D1 abyss. We will be fine.

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There will certainly be a drop off next year. There is no way there cannot be a "decline" when you graduate all five starters.

However I think the team in 15-16 can be as good as this year's squad assuming no major transfers. I am not saying they WILL be as good. I am just saying I like the talent that is present and what I have seen from those coming in

I am expecting big things from Ash

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