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  1. Y'all know Letterkenny? I'm cursing at Letterkenny levels at this game.
  2. In other words, we can't play reasonable defense under the basket
  3. Here's hoping Ciaja can come back from concussion protocol soon so we can tack on a few more conference wins.
  4. I remember a few years ago when the men only had 7 available and won, but 6? 5 and 1 bench is bonkers.
  5. Another improbable, but awesome win over the Hawks tonight. Peyton Kennedy had a breakout game and we beat a team with 6 players available. You read that right, 6 players.
  6. This isn't what he's saying, I don't think. The C2D percentage is an aggregate of our total chances out of 100% to make the NCAA tournament, with the majority being winning the A10 and 2% or so being At-Large. The chance of us winning the A10 Tournament is not included in this calculation, just the assumption that we do win the tournament is the majority of our chances to make the NCAA Tournament. I would like to see an individual calculation of our chances to win the A10 Tournament, though, for fun. The computer likes what it sees, I'm not gonna argue
  7. Awesome win tonight over Davidson. Especially notable considering Ciaja is on the IL and we have no depth.
  8. I think she missed all of once, if at all. She made it look effortless
  9. On a positive note, I'm pretty sure everyone won the pre game and time out games. I've never seen that before! The woman who did the layup/free-throw/double three pointer challenge was especially impressive. I think they widened the holes on the putting challenge, though, because I've never seen anyone make that.
  10. Aside from the hockey aesthetic, there wasn't anything unique about their beers that really struck me. Don't get me wrong, I'm upset the taproom is closing, but when you have Rockwell, Wellspent, and UCBC within the same general area, you have to have a niche beer or two.
  11. I don't often get the opportunity to take a nap, but I'll be d*mned if that didn't feel like a victory nap!!
  12. Just saw video from the final play and whoa that was awesome.
  13. Lol Post Malone shouting in my ear about Jäger isn't my idea of fun, either.
  14. The return of the A10 special touch fouls some are legit, some aren't
  15. Commentary is quiet but commercials are like that famous picture of the guy sitting in the chair with the stereo system blowing him away.
  16. Forgive me MBMs for I have sinned: I had to get 4 new tires and an alignment today and got home right when the game started and forgot it was on
  17. It's Ny and Kiley, we have no depth right now. Sucks because with that, this is a lost season for WBB. At least we get 1 more season with Ciaja, Brooke, and (probably) MST which should be good. Correct me on any of this if I'm wrong.
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