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  1. Not a terrible deficit at the half. This is still a winnable game.
  2. Nah I feel like he'll get back on a team. Definitely not going overseas.
  3. I'm just glad my Wizards jersey has aged decently well.
  4. At this point I feel like Chris May is Judge Smails when it comes to anything positive these days
  5. I really hope someone picks him up. He's more than proven he can be an asset to an NBA team.
  6. That would make my fan life come full circle, Soderberg was coach when I started going to games.
  7. And shoot how many ever three attempts he promised.
  8. Practicing law in California, lol. Edit: she's back in Chicago, my info is old. I used to be Facebook friends with her since we talked as students and liked the same music, but she's (smartly) deleted all her social media a few years ago.
  9. I love that you paid attention to what they were eating lol.
  10. This would be so great to watch May invest time and money and not get a say in any of the decisions.
  11. I think if Tillett doesn't get to the tournament and win the A-10 Tournament last year, we'd be having a different conversation. This season is for sure disappointing, but I think she gets one or two more seasons to recruit and coach up before anything happens. May's standard for the women's coaching change was to "make the NCAA tournament regularly." I'd prefer an AD who actually gives the resources for a women's team to do that. Women's basketball is on the upswing and now having a good women's team can be nearly as important as having a good men's team.
  12. With NIL and the right coach, that might not be the case anymore. I would have said that too until we played Utah St this year.
  13. Welp, Meadows was injured, we should extend Ford.
  14. I was pretty ignorant of Dayton WBB until 2016ish, but jeez they had a 19 year run of really good teams, so it's definitely their turn to be bad.
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