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  1. My pregame Manhattan was a good decision, it's an enjoyable buzz instead of an angry buzz
  2. So does my 65 year old Australian neighbor, he's uhm...a fan.
  3. She's really been a bright spot all season, either defensively or, more recently, offensively.
  4. The high turnover in the AD in general probably explains why this doesn't happen
  5. How does that even work? Who ordered Uber Eats? You definitely couldn't get away with this at Chaifetz lol.
  6. 2nd half of the season has shown the Lisa Stone holdouts are shouldering the bulk of the offense and defense.
  7. It's still earlyish but maybe we'll stop hearing about Dayton for awhile?
  8. My dad did the same until I was 5 or 6, I always went to at least 1 game in person every year even though he's missed maybe 5 since '85
  9. That's more true than he knows, lol. I'd take a WNBA team, which seems more realistic.
  10. Fair 'nuff. I was thinking high road and all that, but you're right.
  11. Isn't he like 77 years old? I don't want to dunk on him too harshly if he has legit issues.
  12. I always thought he was A.I. programmed by some mad scientist.
  13. Albert Pujols is #1 all time in Double Plays Ground into, if I remember correctly.
  14. I was surprised that they didn't seem to have as many as in years past. I was expecting a Billiken from the 50s or something. Surely there's one still remaining from the Macaulay era.
  15. My favorite was a then 19 year old Robby Fabbri on the big screen drinking underage
  16. I'm glad they're still looking to sign him. It'll be good for him to have some certainty going forward!
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