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  1. Sounds accurate, thank you @dlarryand @Billikenbooster.
  2. I feel like this might be a combination of 1. It's gorgeous outside today and folks probably don't want to be inside even for the Bills and will watch at their favorite bar. 2. This was likely a quick turnaround for more casual fans who may not have even known this game was happening until Monday as with all non-NCAA tournament postseason games. E: Bars with patios and TVs on said patios.
  3. I believe so since we'd be the de facto higher seed. Of course I don't know as much about the NIT
  4. Is it bad I forgot about Jacobs, but very clearly remember Jalen? Probably because I had interactions with him more than anything. Hasn't he bounced around to 3 schools after us? Am I incorrect in remembering that his dad kind of made the decisions for him and transferred him for more playing time?
  5. What I'm gleaning from all of this is Nesbitt needs to keep his mouth shut after a win. If he said anything, shame on him, but in no way was the response from the cheer team and coach appropriate either.
  6. I really appreciate that OG, I'm only 25 and really need to take better care of my stress
  7. I hated how similar that game was to the 2019 Final. My cardiovascular system is now my enemy.
  8. If I could "good post" react this a hundred times, I would.
  9. Ciaja unofficially announced on Twitter that she's entering the transfer portal as a grad student.
  10. Positive thinking in action I like how you think. I'll be there, too!
  11. Make it to the semis and end up with home court advantage and a sweet seeding for most of the NIT.
  12. Guy is just...Guy. He's a Guy named Guy who mispronounces the names of other Guys while making Guys feel awkward.
  13. Yep, agree. Nothing solves team tension faster than winning.
  14. I'll disagree with ya there, I've interacted with him in person and online over the past few weeks and I haven't noticed much of a change outside of the game. In game? Of course, I've seen what y'all are describing, but leave it all on the court and all that. TJ is experiencing growth of some kind no matter what's happening. This year hasn't been easy for anyone, Ford lost someone close and he's shown to be a bit more easily perturbed than other seasons. We lost Javonte which clearly threw off the team chemistry at the beginning of the year. This team's had so much adversity thrown at them the past 2 years. I think I was probably less sullen a couple years ago, too. As far as personality goes, no, I don't think TJ has changed. On the court is another debate.
  15. Agree, I think people are reading too much into the TJ situation, he's always the spark on the bench mafia, plus he's fun and energetic as a player. As far as I know, his teammates like him, too. As others have suggested, VCU may have been an off night and he may have been frustrated with himself, hence the episode on the bench.
  16. The student section looks like Gryffindor/Hogwarts I mean I guess we could be Ravenclaw since their colors are blue and white. We could have Mason be Slytherin and LaSalle be Hufflepuff and rename the A10 Tournament the Triwizard Cup. I'll see myself out.
  17. I agree with the board sentiment on not speculating on transfers, it just seems in bad taste. Just because he isn't a Ford fan doesn't mean he doesn't like playing here and wants to transfer. It's possible he loves everything about playing here with the exception of Ford. Ford could realize he's a valuable asset and contributer and TJ always gives his best effort. As long as it doesn't affect the games, they don't have to be friends or even have a relationship outside of player-coach. As long as he gives his best and as long as Ford utilizes him, I see no problem.
  18. Wiz, you always have the best, most level-headed takes and, to quote Letterkenny's Squirrely Dan, that's what I appreciates about yous.
  19. The Fieldhouse itself is really nice though, I think it should be packed for the final. I was at the game and the natural light through the windows was pretty cool. I agree about the location, there's very little around to see or do outside of Philly.
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