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  1. This phrase and Chris May aren't compatible, lol.
  2. Wasn't one of Ford's first community events at Ballpark Village? I remember being there
  3. @TheA_Bomb must not be that old given the profile picture, unless his grandkids introduced him to that show
  4. I'm always going back to him calling me the "flag guy" because my instrument didn't travel for a pep rally on a trip when he knew (or should have damn well known) I played bass.
  5. I hate dogging on Frank because he's always nice to my dad and knows him as an acquaintance, but damn wanting someone just for media access is so stupid, lol.
  6. Oh not saying he wasn't, just saying he wasn't a tradition "people person" type of figure. Speculation is he was on the autism spectrum; my older brother has autism and stories I've heard about Majerus remind me of some social behaviors my brother has. Not one size fits all, but reminiscent.
  7. Dude, I would kill for a coach like that right now. If you're not likeable, but a savant like Majerus (I'm not saying he wasn't likeable in a quirky way but maybe not so personable) then you excuse it because the team is good. Travis Ford has neither the people skills, nor the basketball acumen of a Romar or Majerus, so yeah, he's just trash.
  8. He's definitely not dumb. I do believe he's your stereotypical "business first, people last" businessman and, depending on your perspective, that can be evil.
  9. 2nd this ^ women are fun to watch any given night.
  10. I was trying to decide if I liked them or not for half the game, but yeah they looked retro and pretty cool. I wouldn't be mad if they were consistent pink out unis.
  11. I'm not discounting it for sure, but the recent shouting from the rooftops about trades being the answer to college costs/benefits, etc just confuses me.
  12. Likely because those jobs often take a toll on you physically and leave your body broken by the time you're 50.
  13. How would he even get a chance to land a spot on the bench at that point?
  14. Settling into that middle of the pack conference position, dangerous come tournament time.
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