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  1. Who the hell is teaching these guys how to shoot a free throw. Goodwin is off 3 inches to where his follow through is. I surprised he even makes his pathetic 50% from the line. My freakin grade school coach would have had a stroke if we hit 50%!!!!!! This is dealing beyond belief. Does anyone wonder why we shoot 40 free throws in a game???? Im surprised they don’t make us shoot a 100 in a game. We would never win!!
  2. Likely not, but I thought I’d check to see if anyone might have any extra tickets for Friday night—Dayton game. Thank you for your consideration.
  3. I know they played a few minutes but 3 minutes is almost not playing. Weaver needs to get at least 10 minutes a game and Hargrove at least 5-10. That is going to make us so much better. playing 35-40 minutes every night will cause you to lose your legs by March. I guarantee you. Yuri needs more rest. Bringing the ball up is very taxing. Takes more energy than you think.
  4. Better start getting Hargrove and Weaver some minutes. Can’t go far with a 6 man rotation. Not feasible. Foul trouble will kill us. need to get them in some games especially if not a close score. Weaver is good enough to play against tough competition. He should be playing more. No idea why he doesn’t. Hargrove scares the hell out of me. He needs some experience because we are going to need another body. His free throw shooting is enough reason to get him comfortable so he can be in at the end. Again, he scares the hell out of me.
  5. Bell needs to play 18-20 minutes a game. every game. he could be a ton next year.
  6. Keep going to Perkins. hot hand gets the ball ALWAYS!!!
  7. Keep going to Perkins. hot hand gets the ball ALWAYS!!!
  8. Great point but somehow he does. Goodwin is closing in fast. I don’t understand these two.
  9. When doubled kick it back out. Jacobs. Perkins , Weaver. I’m good with them shooting set up 3’s. Just don’t try to dribble Bell. I Can’t watch that.
  10. First two sets of the game we go to Bell on the block and he scores like taking candy from a baby. Then he never gets the ball closer than 6 feet from the basket(which he may as well be 30 feet out). WTH?
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