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  1. Congrats to DAnn for hiring a guy that would be thrilled with the status quo. Not this young mans fault he was hired but it’s the athletics department that went with a lesser resume to keep the headache of necessary improvements demanded by a good coach. It’s shameful
  2. Interesting with so many college sports experts around here that many didn’t know who the leading speaker for high level college and professional athletics was. Very telling!
  3. Jon is on campus today speaking to the athletics department. He is an incredible speaker and motivator. If you ever get a chance to hear him in person it’s a must see. He was just at Clemson speaking to the football team.
  4. Pretty interesting to see a little commuter D2 school in West County making more strides in facilities then SLU.
  5. I find this hard to believe, any names that they would like to share. I have heard about a couple people inquiring about the job but definitely not a narrowed list.
  6. What a great attitude by these young men, a very refreshing attitude in these times. Excited to see how their careers progress.
  7. Well here are a few reasons why he would say no IMHO: Wash U has a better program overall with on campus courts, opportunity to win a national championship, coaches just one team, and probably makes more money at Wash U after 17 years of service. He would be crazy to leave for SLU with all the reasons discussed in this thread. Plus, I would think recruiting would be so much different.
  8. Km, you are right and I do understand. I just thought it might be a good opportunity to do some upgrades to the program now that they have a clean slate on the coaching side. I would not expect the administration to go all in on a 3rd tier program but it is a little embarrassing that Wash U and UMSL have courts and we don’t. Plus Wash U has a different coach for each program. Definitely wishful thinking on my end.
  9. I don’t think we could pay for a top coach but maybe get someone with a little track record instead of just a club pro. We will need someone who can recruit and build a team. Maybe a salary around 65k could draw someone like that, Just guessing though. I think they need to get separate coaches for sure. I don’t see that being good for the athletes or the coaches spreading that position so thin. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.
  10. Courtside, Thanks for the detailed reply! Looks like SLU Tennis has several needs. It's my understanding from some people and from your post there are quite a few things that need to be addressed: 1. Scholarship Increase 2. Budget Increase 3. On Campus Facility (Minimum 6 outdoor courts, Indoor courts would be outstanding) 4. A Head Coach for each program (1 coach overseeing 2 programs with very little assistant help is very low budget) 5. Assistant Coaches (Full Time or at minimum GA positions for each program) 6. Decent salary for an experienced coach Courtside, I agree with your assessment about just hiring local pros that do it for the love of the game. If the admin wants to move the programs forward they need to hire a coach with experience in recruiting and building teams. The next coach is going to have his/her hands full bringing in talent. As I see it, the overall level of player needs to dramatically increase. If they hire a local pro or someone with a year or 2 of college coaching experience it will be the same old story. I think it's a great chance to take advantage of a sport SLU should be good at by making some improvements to the program and hire an experienced coach. I am not holding my breath though. Go Bills!
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome but I wasn’t trying to break news I was trying to ask the board their thoughts on my questions. There are a lot of posters that seem to know things that might be able to shed some light on my questions. Go Bills
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