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  1. Coach Blossom said this past week that it would be until at least next Friday.
  2. Caleb Love would be a fantastic get for SLU. He’s got a pretty good frame and can flat out score the ball. Also, last I heard, Larry Hughes Jr will be going to Whitfield, not CBC.
  3. Hey guys, long time reader, first time poster here. I noticed Pistol reference my twitter account yesterday and figured it was time to start posting, hopefully I can provide a little insight on some of the local kids. Jamar Williams is a really high motor player but I'd be willing to bet that his STLToday stats are inflated. Love watching him play, he is a tenacious rebounder, but definitely not an A10 kid, I see him as a perfect D2 big man. As for Frederick, despite his size (5'8, 150 pounds soaking wet) I think he can play at SLU's level. If you live in STL, go catch a Confluence game, Frederick is one of the most exciting players in the area. Elite shooter with unlimited range and decent passer/floor vision. From everything I've gathered from talking to people, he wont end up D1, but I absolutely think he can play at the D1 level.
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