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  1. If I heard it correctly, Frank said on his show today that Thames is going to announce his decision on Channel 5 tonight.
  2. Per Jeff Borzello Kofi Cockburn is officially in the transfer portal.
  3. I've heard there's been some talk about this year's early exit might have pissed off some people.
  4. It looks like Tre Mitchell will transfer per Jon Rothstein.
  5. I was told a couple guys were thrown out of the game midway through the second half because they were yelling at LaSalle's coach. I heard they weren't cussing but I don't know for sure. Anyone there last night see or hear them? I also wonder if it's because only 800 people are in there so its just more annoying now than it was with a normal crowd or they truly don't want fans yelling at the coach.
  6. Saturday's game starts at 2PM per SLUs Twitter account
  7. Frank said bad news for Bills fans. He spoke to someone close to Nesbitt and it doesn't sound good for SLU but he won't make any predictions.
  8. My seasons are right there as well in section 116 row H second row behind the metal separator. They better have some shirts on those seats, lol
  9. Tony Irons had some nice things to say about Hargrove and Collins on 590 today. Said Hargrove can defend 1 through 4 and Collins is the smartest kid on the court in the area. I'm sure he said more but it was a pretty quick conversation.
  10. I didn't realize at the time how bad of a push off Stokes had on that final shot. The game is now up for protest!
  11. Seems like the easy money would be taking NCC with the points because SLU has played down to their lesser competition all season.
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