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  1. Lindenwood opened the season last year against Parkside and Croft went for 36 on 12-21 shooting and 10-10 from the FT line. Dude can score the ball.
  2. Done with college sports
  3. I’d imagine we’d be in on him
  4. You know an interesting name I just thought of would be Xavier Pinson. Had SLU in his top 3 and visited before going to Mizzou. I know his top two are Mississippi State and Xavier but I wonder if we may contact him
  5. Williams is in the portal according to verbal commits
  6. They are attacking Jimerson every chance they get. Struggles to fight through screens
  7. Every game we lose the other team goes on a massive run. Both Bonnie’s games, Dayton on the road and this one. All huge runs to separate themselves
  8. We haven’t won one big game this season
  9. That has to be 4 to 5 80-20 SLU loose balls that Richmond has ended up with
  10. We can use a game against Lasalle. Onward
  11. What an awful effort on the defensive glass
  12. Played hard for 5 minutes and got exhausted
  13. Also, how many times can a team get beat back door? My goodness
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