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  1. What is funny to think about, in a very good way, is that we can get hung up on certain games here and there about moves Travis has made. However, his guys really come together at the end of the season, and I truly think he has adapted as a coach. I’m very happy he is the man leading this program.
  2. Hey Wiz, what are the Bills trending at after last night?
  3. I need this team in the tournament. Somehow. Get us to the NCAA’s
  4. @brownindians hope to see a SLU win, but looking forward to the battle. Schmidt is one heck of a coach and the last two matchups have been very good games. Always like seeing you post when our teams square off.
  5. Tried a couple weeks back and went 18/20. Granted, I played in high school and shooting was about my only tangible skill. I still play pickup regularly as well.
  6. I’ve talked myself into like half this roster in the league at various points in the year. This group is a ton of fun and has potential to spare.
  7. I haven’t been able to find anywhere that has it, but does anyone know of a site with individual player free throw %? I want to know where Hasahn ranks among qualified players. Most sites only do the top shooters.
  8. Can VCU just get it together for five minutes? That’s all I ask.
  9. Davidson is white hot out of the gate against Richmond.
  10. I’m not looking into it like that. It appears as if the staff have identified a strong guard that fits our current roster construction, while bringing us some skills we currently lack. Travis and Co are building a program for the long run, and I’m going to assume there is no deeper meaning until we hear about it.
  11. I’m going to guess the Big East won’t expand again, or at least until their current tv deal expires. They will finally have a round robin schedule with the addition of UCONN. They will have a 20 game conference schedule and the economics of adding another member might not line up. This isn’t to say it won’t happen at all, but I get the feeling the Big East is closed for business for a while.
  12. Just going to get a head start to be safe. Man, Perkins is really struggling against Rhode Island on this Sunday.
  13. Javonte Perkins has rapidly become one of my favorite Billiken players ever. I am thrilled he chose to come here.
  14. I wish nothing but success for CG. I’m thinking the tweet just means he will be back on the court somewhere soon. I’ve spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out (A) if he would even be eligible immediately next season for someone and (B) how many years of eligibility he actually has left.
  15. They’ve really not started him in the post this half. He’s initiating everything from the perimeter, which does a good job preventing a double.
  16. Never forget the baseline inbounds play of the Crews era was just a 65 foot football pass into the backcourt
  17. It stinks because it probably won’t be our guys to do it, but SLU absolutely has the right formula to take down Dayton. Someone with a bit more shooting than us will play them physically in the tournament and it will be bad for the Flyers.
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