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  1. If the season continues like it has been going I think Crews will retire at the end of the year. He is 62 years old and I doubt he would want to go through another year like last year and this one.
  2. I appreciated your report from last years scrimmage and would like to read your observations from the scrimmage yesterday. Its nice to get an opinion from someone that was there.
  3. If he is that good why is he going to a horrible team in a one bid league. I have watched him play and he is not better than the guards on our roster.
  4. To me it looked like he left way to early. That is why we were flat-footed. It never would have counted in the states.
  5. There were questionable traveling calls throughout the third quarter as well. Also a lot of touch fouls. No flow to the game.
  6. So what you are saying is Pistol is wrong when he says " go see the kids play"? If you do you are a creepy weird old man. I for one appreciate the information 3star provides.
  7. The coaching staff has been busy the last few days. Gordon is visiting today.
  8. Really good information. It is nice to see these type of interviews.
  9. Jared Ridder received an offer from SLU
  10. Yes. He might play with AG. He did at the practice I was at.
  11. Trust me I wish I hadn't said anything about Milik in my original post. I would be surprised if Wellmer isn't in the rotation. The kid can really shoot the ball.
  12. I wanted to thank Crews and staff for the open practices. Unfortunately we were only able to attend one but we really enjoyed it. We learned a lot and from what we saw we are excited for the season to start. Good luck in the Bahamas!
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