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  1. Congrats on an impressive opening day victory!
  2. Thanks! May go that route. Actually called a ticket broker and he said he would inquire. Don't think he had had that request in quite a while.
  3. Not very optimistic but figured it was worth a shot. Waited too long to purchase this time, never had trouble buying 5 days early but not mad. Awesome to have this problem!
  4. Last minute attempt to buy two tickets (together) for tomorrow night. Let me know if any one has any available. Go Bills!
  5. I may be mistaken, but I am pretty sure I heard Cusamano mention that Crews was really enjoying his time in St. Louis and would not be surprised if it got worked out for him to be on board again next year.
  6. There is a whole thread dedicated to the greatness of Rammer, look it up...
  7. He actually was actually using a cell phone for a while according to Timmerman.
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