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  1. Felt like 90-95% K-State. Couple patches of Billiken fans (behind the bench) and across from the bench...and I"m sure a few others spread out through the arena, but a lot of purple in there. Ford acknowledge the fans on both sides of the court before walking off after the game.
  2. I've also got two tickets for tonight that I can't use if anyone is interested. Let me know and I can email them over.
  3. Just posted an update that now shows "fans" instead of "students". I was at a college football game this weekend and they had the exact same thing. Looks like it's an app that is selling itself to quite a few colleges. Will be interesting to see how it works. "The new Billiken Rewards app allows SLU fans to earn points toward spirit gear, bookstore credit, Billiken Bucks and more by checking in at games and activities. Available via the App Store or Google Play."
  4. Pays to read the email I guess :). Just excited to pull the trigger again. Looks like they created a General Reserved D section that is now $99. Looking at my invoice from last year that's almost half the price I paid. Not complaining. Looks like the 8 sections in the corners are seeing a discount as well. Interesting tactic with the excitement around the program. Hopefully they pull in a significant amount of new season ticket holders.
  5. I just got the email to renew my season tix and went in to see the price. I'm in the cheap seats in 208. My tickets are coming up as $99 per ticket which is significantly less than last year which I think was closer to $180. I'm not a young alumni or anything like that. Anyone else seeing a lower ticket price? I'm all for it, just wondering as I wasn't expecting to see a price that much lower.
  6. Essentially call the ticket office or go online to slubillikens.com and put down a deposit of $50/ticket. Then they'll call you in Aug (or maybe Sept) with seat availability after all of the current season ticket renewals are back in.
  7. Late notice, but I have 4 tix to tonight's (1/17) game that I can't use (Sec 208 Row A). If interested, let me know. I can email them.
  8. To be honest, it was the first and only match I went to all year (or in the last 20 years), but decided to take the family up. Not sure I'd call it a choke job. Dayton was ranked #22, undefeated in the A-10, and lost 1 match all year. We were 18-14 and the #4 seed in the tourney. It was actually a pretty fun atmosphere with both school's pep bands there. Fast paced with only minimal breaks between games. And once again, I don't know much about Vball but Rygelski seems to be a great player and was dominant at times. Set A-10 champ record for kills and set NCAA record for most kills in a season since going to 25pt games (of course Twitter said "currently" so assuming someone else was close to breaking that this year too). As someone mentioned, it felt like they ran out of gas a bit and Dayton turned it on. In the 4th SLU got out to a 4-1 lead, but from then on, Dayton was pretty much in control.
  9. I sent a note to the ticket office the other day. Essentially they said the scotch tape idea will work as that is what I did. Otherwise they said people will have to go to the ticket office. Sounds like I wasn't the only one that reached out about this and they should be somewhat prepared for the issue.
  10. Just a public service announcement if you have the season ticket books. I went to tear out some tickets to donate to a charity auction today and found what I think may be a fatal flaw to the tickets (at least the ones in the top row). Unlike in the past, they are actually 2 piece tickets. The scanable part on the bottom tears off. Maybe I'm the only one that will have this issue, but when I was tearing out the tickets, I just went down to the first perforation (as I did in the past) and pulled the ticket out. I could easily see people showing up to the first game without the scanable piece. Might be a bit of a cluster as I'm not sure what they'll do in that instance other than send people to the ticket office. There isn't another area to scan if you don't bring that piece of the ticket.
  11. This is how I remember it. My first year of season tix, we didn't get the booklet. And second year we didn't get it because we switched seats. I assume driven by waiting to assign seats until all renewals are in.
  12. Just got tickets delivered today. They look good. Looks like they cut back on the free food/drink coupons. Only one for a free hotdog or nacho and drink. And no discounts at the team store which weren't that great anyway assuming you were a Billiken Club member.
  13. I was there for the first half. The team is just offensively challenged in my opinion. Doesn't feel like we can control the game through the midfield. Often felt like we got 10 guys behind the ball, would pass the ball around the defense, and then hoped to play long ball counter attacks. Our goal definitely had a bit of luck or was mis-played by VCU. Pretty normal corner kick that curled in toward the front post. Not sure if VCU had a defender on the post, but if they did he came off of it. Ball went straight in as keeper couldn't get across to save it and I think he assumed someone was going to deflect it.
  14. Went to the game today which was our first of the season. We should have gone to more. It was a blast and SLU is a fun team to watch. Hopefully they do well in the tourney and then the post season. Should be fun to watch for at least the next couple of years.
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