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  1. Found this on ESPN.... https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/28577356/ncaa-tournament-bubble-watch-updated-look-wildest-bubble-years Saint Louis. Last seen recording consecutive road wins by double-digit margins at Rhode Island and George Mason, the Billikens have zero Tulsa-type NET issues. Clocking in with a 50-something ranking for the metric in question, Travis Ford's team is actually above such Bubble Watch mainstays as NC State, South Carolina and Memphis (to say nothing of Furman, Stephen F. Austin and the aforementioned Bruins). No, SLU's absence from m
  2. 05 thanks for the glimpse of the game. BTW, great camera work.
  3. Wow, where did that come from? Not the response I thought I would get. Maybe you are having a bad day.
  4. I have not seen anything on the board with info on where to find the upcoming games online. I did a little research and the Missouri games (Webster Groves, Sikeston, etc) are available if you purchase a 9.95 monthly subscription. No real new news there, but what I did not realize was the same purchase also gets you access to watch the Kentucky Sweet 16 (John Hardin). I thought I would share that information. If anyone is interested, I can share some links to the games. John Hardin plays tonight at 7:00pm.
  5. I know I should ignore this, but I keep checking back to the board to see if there are any updates on the appeal. No one on this board has stated they feel the players should not be punished if they did something wrong. There have already been many sad days for SLU. I'm sure you realize if a sexual assault is reported, it must be investigated, for reference research Baylor. Taping it was not the stupid part, posting it was. Are you trying to say that STLPD are so backlogged that it takes them 4 months to investigate criminal complaints? There is a reason there are
  6. I have managed to stay quiet on this, waiting until a decision was reached. So here are my thoughts... 1. I do not remember reading this, but does anyone else believe that SLU delayed the decision until after the Winter Break to retain the players, avoiding a hit to the NCAA APR? 2. I have supported this team through ups (few) and downs (many), but through it all remain a supportive fan. Today, I feel again that the athletics department, does not have the support of the SLU administration. Continuing to back or support this team, seems to be a waste of time. 3. Can someone ex
  7. St. Joseph's LaSalle George Washington VCU Rhode Island Saint Louis St. Bonaventure VCU Rhode Island Saint Joseph's Saint Louis Richmond Duquesne
  8. Davidson Duquesne Fordham Massachusetts VCU Rhode Island St. Bonaventure Dayton LaSalle Fordham Rhode Island Saint Joseph's Saint Louis Davidson
  9. Rhode Island VCU Saint Louis St. Bonaventure Duquesne Rhode Island George Washington Davidson
  10. St. Louis Duquesne VCU Richmond St. Mary's St. John's George Washington St. Bonaventure Massachusetts Fordham Rhode Island St. Louis Massachusetts Syracuse VCU George Mason LaSalle Duquesne New Mexico State West Virginia Harvard Boston College Dayton Duquesne
  11. Rutgers George Mason Saint Louis Duquesne Miami Virginia Massachusetts St. Bonaventure Rhode Island VCU Dayton Oregon State Duquesne Penn State LaSalle St. Joseph's
  12. Duquesne Davidson Texas Dayton Harvard George Mason George Washington Canisius Old Dominion Massachusetts Rhode Island Saint Louis Duquesne LaSalle Duquesne St. Bonaventure Temple Providence Seton Hall Pennsylvania Fordham Penn State George Mason James Madison Houston Villanova
  13. Duquesne Davidson VCU Rhode Island Saint Louis Auburn Fordham James Madison George Washington Siena St. Josephs Richmond Umass LaSalle Pittsburgh North Carolina South Carolina Butler Fordham Buffalo Wake Forest Providence Villanova VCU Temple Auburn Mississippi State
  14. Marquette Richmond George Washington George Mason UMass Nevada Miami Saint Louis Xavier Seton Hall Washington State Minnesota Maryland BYU Georgetown Davidson Dayton Fordham Temple
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