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  1. anyone need 2 for the game? pm me and i'll send tickets.
  2. Anyone need 2 for today? 7th row.
  3. This is a good deal. buy two get two free essentially. Season ticket holders were contacted about purchasing additional, discounted lower bowl tickets, too.
  4. Anyone need 2 for tonight? Good seats. Message me your email and they are yours.
  5. I have 2 in 104, Row G. PM if you are interested.
  6. Similar profile schools, we want to recruit chicago, lots of alums in chicago, chaifetz lives in chicago, former president of loyola was STL guy, etc. depaul would accomplish similar goals, but the loyola connection - to me - would be more fun.
  7. Not able to make it into STL for the game tomorrow. Unless my old roommate takes the tickets, I should have 2 tickets in 104. PM if interested.
  8. Wintrust is a brand new stadium, not really on the "south side" and accessible by public transportation (walking distance to two different L stops and about 4 buses go to McCormick). The issue is Lincoln Park to McCormick is still a haul on the red line and students won't go when the team sucks. More a way for DePaul to get new digs in the city for alumni and not have to pay for it all.
  9. A game that Isabelle sat out the first half... (he doesn't strike me as a guy who would take sh*t from anyone). I second excitement for seeing more Hankton. Saw his release up close at the App St. game - real quick release.
  10. Got 2 in Section 104 for Sunday that I can't use - PM me if interested.
  11. Might have 2 for tonight. PM me if interested.
  12. I still haven't received my physical tickets, but noticed I can access all of them online via Ticketmaster, which allows me to send tickets via email. With that said, I have 2 seats in Section 104, Row G, that I won't be able to use for every game; and, as of right now, I know for sure I won't be able to attend the first 2 exhibition games. PM me if interested.
  13. I am sure there are some great local spots in Detroit, but my experience in Chicago was rather "meh." (http://unionpizza.com/). The dough to sauce/toppings ratio was way off and it was relatively expensive. Also, none of the components really stuck out. Also also, Quad Cities takes the cake for weirdest regional style.
  14. Looking at this in a more positive note, Santos had an entire year to play (albeit in practice) with French, Foremen, Bess, and Goodwin*. Also, Goodwin, by all accounts, has been working on his game and should be an even better PG in year 2 making it easier for everyone to find their individual role AND we get guys playing in their natural positions (Bess = 3; French = 4, etc.) Also also, anyone else really excited about the fact that teams won't be able to just sit back in a zone and dare Jalen Johnson / Hines / Bess to jack 3s all game?
  15. I'd put money on the H/H being with DePaul - offers SLU another opportunity to build the Chicagoland alumni network/raise money, Chaifetz lives there, and DePaul is bad enough to not thumb their nose at us when we ask for a H/H knowing that we will beat them (also, history from Great Midwest). Last time SLU played in Chicago was at UIC for some tournament when Majerus was coaching. Been too long.
  16. I'm sure this has been discussed, but why doesn't Anthony get more than 2 minutes a game when we have 7 scholarship players? Also, all the BS aside, this might be one of my favorite teams. What they have achieved playing essentially 6 guys is remarkable. These guys just bring it and it's fun to watch. Let's get a few more W's!
  17. Agreed. Presume the parties are all over 18, so no charge of producing child pornography... However, as a result of "revenge porn" many states now have strict laws about posting nude photos or videos online without the other party's/parties' consent. My gut reaction is that this has been one of the main issues all along (not sure if MO has such laws in place also noting that SLU is a private institution and can create its own / stricter rules). Also, I think some people have mentioned that this was all consensual and implied you cannot "take back" consent, which from my unders
  18. On my iPhone, that is the emoji that pops up if I type "thanks." So, thanks + soon"? Either way, the fact that he engaged via social media with a fan regarding his return seems to imply that he is: (1) sticking around; and (2) potentially, returning "soon."
  19. More Friday morning Title IX readings: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-northwestern-sexual-misconduct-lawsuit-20171207-story.html
  20. Well, compared to SLU's initial letter, this is vague and nebulous! Imagine if they used some specific facts/dates... Our clients, since day 1, have denied all accusations .... No criminal charges has been pressed. Our clients have been cooperating with all parties involved in an attempt to reach a speedy and just outcome. Our clients were given notice on xyz that 123 was going to happen, and according to SLU's/Title IX's (or whatever) own stated rules, 123 has yet to happen. Moreover, no good reason for the delay has been provided. Something simple, factually based, and
  21. Agreed, refers to a vague "complete failure" of the Title IX process and an "interim suspension" from playing basketball. No mention of any specific dates, deadlines, etc.
  22. My wife will not be happy to hear about this, although, I am.
  23. Quit being so rational, please (sarcasm: I agree with this post 100%).
  24. 4 of us flying in from Chicago; we will be at Foley's and both games.
  25. I wish this was publicized earlier... the reception and pre-game is a good deal and cheaper than buying single tickets plus the pre-game reception.
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