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  1. Don't blame UB -- my second hand source says Peterson called last spring to commit to the Bills -- trouble was, he called on the day that UB got fired. I believe AT took the call.
  2. I heard he had DePaul for a home/home but Jerry Wainwright said he wouldn't play SLU after the way they treated their coach.
  3. No, that's not what it shows Brad had some good non-conf games in the works, and some of them backed out when Brad was let go.
  4. "It will be because of health, age, lifestyle." All the same reasons he walked away from other jobs. If you didn't think it would come down to this . . . Biondi did a good job of getting people to talk about something beside the firing of UB (the timing, etc.). He was catching some heat for this. So he found the biggest name he could go after, even though he only had a 15-20% (my estimation) chance of getting him. So now everyone gets excited -- hasn't been this much talk about SLU in years. All it does is give the search committee 2 weeks of no interruptions (and no bad press) to start looking for a coach (since there was no plan when UB was fired). Heck, RM might even compliment Biondi when he turns him down, telling us what he was willing to give RM to make the program successful. So SLU got their 15 minutes of fame -- OK, maybe it was 1/2 an hour. And everybody is excited because they like to cheer for the hare (because he is the fastest guy, he loves all the attention, very photogenic). Nobody roots for the tortoise -- oh, yeah he's not in the race anymore anyways -- he got fired.
  5. If you can believe pdiddy (and I think everyone on this board does), he said that Griskenas and Eberhard were coming here when UB was the coach. I'm sure there were going to be people who didn't think the class of Griskenas, Eberhard, Relephorde and Mitchell was anything special, but I think it would have been a very solid class. Of course we only know what we have read about these guys, nobody has seen them play (except for Mitchell a little) -- I'd like to hear from pdiddy or Nate about these 4. UB didn't have a great class last year because Obi didn't do the things he needed to and wasn't in the best condition. Dixon was overmatched at SLU (academically) -- UB got bad information from Dixon's previous school. But I think he was ready to follow that up with a very solid class. Now somebody else gets to benefit from it.
  6. there were more successful coaches than soderberg who got the axe this year . . . SO THAT MAKES EVERYTHING OK? AND YOU MENTION HEATH AND SMITH -- BOTH GREAT EXAMPLES OF HOW NOT TO TREAT PEOPLE. IT'S OK TO TREAT PEOPLE LIKE THIS, BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT every DI or even collegiate coach "does everything they can to make it work" ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE "EVERYBODY DOES IT" -- I'm not sure this one is true And what are we hearing now? Rick Majerus is coming to SLU and if that happens, then everything that happened is justified. WRONG!!! It would be a good hire, but that doesn't negate the classless way that this was handled. Things like this happen everyday in big business (I've heard this one too). Another justification; it has to be right since all these others are doing it. The ends justify the means? "I don't care for the way it was handled, but if we hire a big name, then I'm all for it!" I feel bad for you if you can sugar coat it this way -- this is not a gray area. It is not the middle ground between right and wrong. I know, somebody will tell me to go stand up for this injustice; meanwhile SLU is getting a better coach. My condolences
  7. At this point it's the only theory that holds any water. If that's the story they are going to tell the public (and Biondi would be a fool not to run with it), only 4 people will know the truth. Biondi, Cheryl, Chaifetz & Brad Each of us will have to decide what we believe. "It's still a lousy way to run a company"
  8. I saw it in a couple of posts on this board -- I know, that doesn't make it true
  9. Also was reported that UB was informed on Monday night. I'm sure Alexander won't say if he was told that Brad was out -- he doesn't want Illinois to think they might have been 2nd choice. So, we'll never know
  10. AJ said The "fire Brad" crowd were concerned that if it didn't happen first thing this morning Brad might succeed in signing a couple studs and the window of opportunity would be gone, for now to fire him and/or his termination would look even more unreasonable than it looks now. You could just feel that some good things were about to happen. In home visit with Kentucky player of the year -- down to the final 2 with Alexander -- upcoming visit with Harris Somebody has a burr up their a$$ regarding BS and got Biondi's ear and just pounded on it. And Biondi caved SLU basketball will survive. At some point it may even flourish. If all players stay, some coach will have success with Brad's players next year. KL said it "We will be better next year". Someone said it was a black day for SLU basketball. If you don't think that's true, you haven't been paying attention. SLU is the laughing stock of the basketball world right now. Yes, it will pass. Give it a couple of days. But if you are a Billiken supporter, you should be embarrassed. This whole scenario is just typical of our society as a whole. "I want it now" -- "Me first" -- "If we don't do it my way, I'll take my ball and leave" -- "If I'm not starting, I'll quit the team and do something else". Why do you think we have trouble finding coaches for teams. Because boosters and fans and parents are out of control. And here we have another example. Do I have any proof? No I don't. But I haven't heard any other theory that makes any sense. Good luck SLU -- the black eye will heal. Some people will forget, some won't. But my thoughts of sending my 2 daughters to a Christian college will be reevaluated.
  11. I'm thinking UB saw this last year, which is why he brought in his new assistant, who had some recruiting strengths. But then you don't even let it play out for a year? I thought he was on the verge of a very good class and my guess is some of it was attributable to JW.
  12. Kramer is a driven young man -- he didn't become physically stronger, and an excellent shooter by playing with the Eagles. He enjoyed playing with those players, but didn't feel he was able to develop his game during the offseason, with all the traveling they do in AAU ball. AAU ball isn't about getting better; it's about showcasing your ability and letting people see what you can do. It takes a very strong individual to walk away from that; a hard worker, a dedicated player. He's knows what is important. If you need an example, see Kevin Lisch
  13. If this was not CL's doing, how long do you think she will be there with other people making decisions for her?
  14. These 2 came from the Sporting News yesterday Quinnipiac hired Connecticut assistant Tom Moore and is paying him $300,000 annually--a lot for a Northeast Conference coach. That has spurred speculation the program is looking to join the Atlantic 10. Three words for that: not gonna happen. Quinnipiac landed an excellent coach, but if anything, the A-10 will become smaller in the future because it is overloaded with bottom-feeding teams. Duquesne, Richmond, St. Bonaventure and La Salle ranked below 220 in the Ratings Percentage Index standings this season. . . . If Saint Louis were interested in a more comfortable geographic fit than the A-10, the Missouri Valley Conference would welcome the Billikens. . . .
  15. If Danny redshirts, that means 1 less scholarship for the 2008 class? Is that right?
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