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  1. On 5/10/2024 at 11:34 AM, BLIKNS said:

    See the as a good move for the WCC, Bay Area Billiken, said this may happen... Remember Oregon State and Washington State will be temporary basketball only members.. Adding logical regional markets , is that even allowed anymore???






    SeattleU, a Jesuit school, was a WCC (then WCAC) member from 1971-1980, is returning after a long absence, officially puts the WCC back in Seattle, the #12 TV market nationally.  Grand Canyon is in Phoenix, the #11 TV market nationally. The other possibility mentioned for WCC expansion has been the University of Denver, in the #16 TV market, but that one has not yet happened. 

    Oregon State and Washington State, right now, are joining the WCC in Hoops for only the next two seasons, as they attempt to resurrect the Pac-12 from the soon to be Pac-2. 

  2. On 4/30/2024 at 2:20 PM, TheChosenOne said:

    The past few years I’ve been going to Pizza-A-Go-Go on my birthday, pretty solid spot in south city and I like bringing my own booze. La Pizza is probably my favorite local pizza spot, but there are some solid options out there and I seldom have bad pizza (here comes the IMO’s responses haha). Living out in Chesterfield my regular spot is Faraci’s. I saw Roy mention Peel, great spot too.

    Pizza-A-Go-Go was our #1 takeout pizza choice in the SLU Glory Days when it was on Grand & Gravois, well before moving to its current location. I haven’t been to the current spot, but am glad it’s still in operation. 

  3. As Billiken great and then Assistant Coach Harry Rogers once told a certain young SLU undergraduate student in the lobby at the elevator in Griesedieck Hall:

    "The Bills are back, so back the Bills."

    And as Ms. Blue said on The Jack Carney Show on KMOX, “All is well. All is well.”

  4. What an impressive performance that was. Billikens played their hearts out, played scrappy defense, hit big 3’s, blew out Big Ten Minnesota. Bravo and congratulations from the Left Coast. SLU had a good, Blue clad turnout across the River. 

  5. 3 hours ago, The Wiz said:

    The clock is ticking...

    We are coming down to the wire ...in more ways than one. 

    I am sure many on this board  are not happy with the headline.  If you think the Schertz deal is done, you are ok with an ISU win ...if not, you are a Bearcat fan.

    This is a meeting of 2 A-  teams both who were wrongfully shunned by the NCAA and both who were trying to make a point.  That point is ...The NCAA should have listened to their own computer..  Btw...as you may know the NCAA turns off its computer on Selection Sunday.  But mine keeps going and  mine shows that if today were Selection Sunday ISU would have a 57% chance to Dance.  Of course that is based on a combo of NET and Selection  committee.  In order to overcome the humans  (assuming you are not P5) you need about 70% to Dance.   If you are P5, you are good to go at 50% +.

    Game Preview...This will be ISU toughest challenge so far in the NIT.  If the computer is right, we are looking at Apr 2 or 4 as a decision day which is what the program has been showing from the beginning.  As mentioned above these are 2 evenly matched teams at A-... The computer warns  there  is a flashing red light on Cinn... they are missing 3 players  all seriously injured in the last few games ...no questionable...out for season.  These players average a combined 70 min /gm.  Cincy is hurting both in production and depth.  Computer says if ISU can have an average game... it could turn into a blowout.

    Bottom line....Rule #1...Nothing happens till ISU loses...Rule #2...In case of speculation, always follow Rule #1


    Free Kenyon Martin!  

    Free The Big O!

    Can Huggy Bear return for some locum tenens work?

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